"#1 Event For Entrepreneurs To Attend In 2018" -

The Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience That Delivers Transformation in Every Area of Life.

  • Access to tools that will create breakthrough results in your business 
  • A one-of-a-kind opportunity to network with global leaders in a paradise setting from countries all over the world
  • A co-collaborative environment focused on gift-giving
  • Bucket list adventures and experiences you won't forget
  • Access greater authenticity and intimacy in your relationships
  • Powerful clarity that will leave you feeling activated and in action

Every choice you have made, every step you have taken, every experience

 you have called to yourself, has prepared for and led you right here.

You are exactly where you are meant to be.

Something deep within you yearns for what you are about to find.

It's no accident you are here.

Unconventional Life is a sought-after live experience for entrepreneurs, influencers, professional athletes, creatives and thought leaders from all over the world. Our unique methodology produces a cellular shift that elevates the way you show up in every domain of life.

When founder Jules Schroeder awoke, “Bali” was the first word out of her mouth. In just two months, Jules brought the dream to life - selling out the first event in just seven weeks. Since then, Unconventional Life has consistently sold out every event, receiving over hundreds of applications while spending zero dollars in marketing.

The First Unconventional Life Live Event Was Born Out Of A Dream

Our 4 Unconventional Promises:

Let go of fears, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging stories—and align with your highest desires and aspirations. If you've been feeling stuck, this event will uncover your unconscious limitations and enable you to transcend them once and for all.

You'll gain access to groundbreaking tools and strategies that will enable you to create the life of your dreams. You'll work with a world-renown faculty of business, lifestyle, and relationship practitioners to achieve massive breakthroughs in every area of your life.

100 individuals from around the world, coming together to collaborate, co-create, and accelerate their businesses and personal lives in Bali. Find your next business partner or business idea. You will be personally connected with a tribe of game changers who can help you the most with the biggest challenges in your business or life.

Enjoy all-inclusive adventures, cultural excursions, relaxation therapies, and delicious local Indonesian inspired meals catered by gourmet chefs to energize your mind, body, and spirit. Daily meditation and yoga.

"100% Of Previous Unconventional Life Attendees Said They Would Recommend The Event To A Friend" 

Isabelle Tierney

Founder of The Feel Good Life

"Before attending UL South Africa I was struggling to fill my upcoming coaching program. The event was literally the best experience of my life. Within one week after the event, I felt such a clear sense of direction and purpose. I literally sold out the program in a matter of days, generating five-figures after registering twenty new people into it. What happens at UL is pure magic.  

"We've been to UL twice and each time experienced massive transformations in our business. After the first event, we grew our revenues 4x as a direct result of a conversation we had at UL. After the second event we 2x again crossing the 7-figures mark within months after attending."

Carey & Demir Bentley

Co Founders, The Lifehack Bootcamp

Heath Armstrong

"When I went into UL, I was in a big transition personally and professionally. I felt uncertain.. and pretty vulnerable. When I left, I was in such a high state of clarity, flow, and happiness.. that it's hard to put into words. All of my aches and pains were gone, physically and mentally. I've never felt flow like that in my life, ever. I left UL with a group of new friendships that blow most other relationships in my life out of the water, I can't reccommend enough!!"

Founder, Rage Create

Simon Pelland

"Since attending UL my business grew over 25% every month for the past 5 months. We are having the highest income months ever. I’m more calm in very challenging situations. A lighter person having more fun has been my greatest results."

Founder, Studeo

"While attending the first UL event in Bali, I discovered the practice of living in FLOW and following my highest intuition by making decisions with my heart and not overthinking everything with my head. My approach to life completely changed and since I have done some amazing things like climb Mt Kilimanjaro, interview on the Red Carpet for the Oscars City Gala party, wrote a book ready for release, joined several non-profits, and started speaking."

Michael Dash

CEO, Parallel HR Solutions

Philanthropist,Writer, Speaker, Author, Addict, Mentor

Claire Perry-Louise

"It is such a privilege to be a part of the UL Community and to know Jules and everyone in the community. This community has changed my life. My advice to someone thinking of attending would be to not hesitate to sign up, it will exponentially impact your life in a way you could never predict. The event is just the beginning I have created so many opportunities within the community in the months and years following." 

Culture and Community Cheerleader

Founder, My Community Culture

7:30 AM

Morning Movement

Join us for yoga, meditation, and other dynamic exercises or sleep in!

9:00 AM


Enjoy a full service, delicious and energizing brunch buffet! 

10:00 AM

Content Sessions

Learn life-altering strategies from successful practitioners who are putting them into practice today.

12:00 PM

Hang With New Friends

Float in the pool, hang in the hammocks, and get to know friends from all over the world.

1:00 PM


2:30 PM

Content Sessions

4:00 PM

Explore & Adventure

Experience the rich local culture, hang with monkeys, and immerse yourself in the breathtaking jungle scenery.

7:00 PM


9:00 PM

DJ Dance Party

Dance, have a drink, play games, and celebrate.

Gather around for traditional, ethnic food.

Indulge a smoothie bowl or other delicious fare cooked by your in-house chef.

Enjoy the second segment of content for the day! 

Yes, the life that resonates to the core of your being and satiates you on a cellular level.

The one you were born to live.

The business that aligns with your heart.

The lifestyle that provides freedom and abundance.

The health that sustains you with energy, clarity, vitality.

The tribe that knows and recognizes you as their own.

It is time for you to receive what you have been asking for.

At this gathering you will be just as inspired by the person sitting next to you as the person speaking. That’s because we attract some of the world’s most amazing leaders, thinkers and doers.

The best part is—you will have the opportunity to network in a paradise setting which will ensure strong connections and amazing bonds; whether it be by the pool, on an outdoor excursion, or at an evening party.

It's A Curated Tribe Of Game Changing Leaders

Travel Hacking Instagram

Flow Mastery

Channeling Your Creative Superpower

This workshop will be taught by the founder of an Instagram agency that takes accounts from zero to 100K followers in 1 year. Learn how to explode your Instagram's growth, generate sales, and leverage your influence to gain travel benefits, including free stays at 5-star destination hotels.

Most people are living a life that’s much harder than it needs to be. In this deeply transformative workshop, the Flow Consciousness Institute co-founders will share the key things you need to master to start creating exponential growth and success in your life and business by working less and playing more.

"Unlearn" conventional wisdom and embrace unconventional wisdom in order to live the unconventional life. This session introduces the Rapid Visioning methodology developed by Jules, designed to awaken you to your identity as a divine channel and instruction you how to effortlessly co-create with the divine. 

Astrological Insights

Seeking more clarity in your direction and vision? Learn how to use the principles of astrology as a tool for your own development, purpose, and career. Discover your global "hotspots" for peak performance, your blueprint for creating from your gifts, and your keys to creating wealth abundance. 

Business Strategy

Crypto & Blockchain

Develop a comprehensive understanding of blockchain and crypto technology. Learn how to utilize this cutting-edge technology, spot emerging leaders, and make smart investments for you and your business.

Learn from those who have started 7 and 8 figure companies, consulted Fortune 500's doing over $100 Million a year, and who are on their 4th, 5th, and 6th venture all before they hit 30.

D.N.A.® - Based Branding

Your brand is an extension of yourself, a materialization of your D.N.A.® in the business world. Identify your core natural assets that will create value for yourself and your career. Gain clarity about how you can best serve.

Product Launch

Master the most valuable business skill: product launches. When you know how to launch, you can create any business you want. Nail launches to drive your email list and annual revenue to 6+ figures.

Building A Community

Learn directly from social media experts who are succeeding today what it takes to create and sustain a thriving community. Learn how to create value on a consistent basis and in turn monetize your audience.

Storytelling Your Brand

A powerful story is the foundation of every successful business. Learn how to craft and tell your brand's story to generate more engagement, sales, and press. You'll walk away from this session with a an upleveled bio, brand identity and engagement boost strategy.

Networking & Press

Every great entrepreneur has a support network of skilled, capable contacts. Learn how to build a network you can depend on... plus, learn how to get featured in major press outlets that will amplify your credibility and reach.



Learn the proven process to turn your passions into a full time entrepreneurial career, work remotely, and travel the globe. Taught by leading influencers who are successfully implementing these strategies today.

Turn On Your Erotic Wiring™: Turn UP Your Impact

Many entrepreneurs have a desire to up-level their intimacy and sex-life, but they don’t know exactly how to do that. In this workshop you will get a roadmap that empowers you to create a thriving erotic life. Whether you are single or in relationship, turning on your erotic wiring supercharges your purpose and vibration.

'Breath Of One' Guided Breathwork

5Rhythms® Dance Meditation Party

‘Breath of One’ is a transcendental breathing practice that allows us to open our hearts to connect with our purest and highest self. The intensity of the journey will range from a feeling of ecstasy in the entire body, with the possibility to heal any traumas and reprogramming old patterns, to time and space travel!

When was the last time you felt completely free and connected to your body? Imagine a dance party + meditation + exercise + therapy all in one. 5Rhythms® is a movement meditation practice that teaches you to get out of your head, access your creative genius, and move in ways you haven’t since you were a kid. Learn this map of transformation and tools to navigate the complexities of life. Prepare for bass, beats and sweaty bliss. 

Founder of the world’s largest crypto community. Raised over $75 Million in the blockchain sector. Has helped proliferate over fifty crypto projects into the mainstream. 

Ran first 6-figure company at 18 and first 7-figure company at 22. Ranked #1 of Top 27 Female Entrepreneurs Changing the World in 2017 by Inc Magazine. Founder & Host of Unconventional Life.

Founder, The Cryptocurrency Network

Founder, Unconventional Life

Ran high profile autism practice, offered $10 million to start her own clinic. Digital nomad past 3 years, UN speaker, and Co-Founder of The Flow Consciousness Institute pioneering flow consciousness worldwide.

Co-founder of the top entrepreneurial e-learning platform that has created 6 Millionaires, 29 6-figure brands and 93 jobs quit, teaching the proven process to create a full-time income as an entrepreneur, work remotely and travel the world.

Co-Founder, The Flow Consciousness Institute

Ran multi-million dollar green tech 

division, and is a sought-after coach and teacher. Co-Founder of The Flow Consciousness Institute and Conscious Lifestyle Magazine.

Co-Founder, The Flow Consciousness Institute & Conscious Lifestyle Magazine

Co-Founder, Influencer School

Social media trainer for Fortune 500 companies; manages an Instagram network of 12M+. Developed a proven system to stay at the world's most luxurious hotels for free. Past participant on Fox Network's "So You Think You Can Dance."

Founder, Assistagram; Tribe Influencer Academy

Millennial business coach training entrepreneurs to build profitable online businesses and make their impact on the world. Hosts an entrepreneurial Facebook community with 15,000+ members.

Founder, Lena Elkins Coaching

Community & ​experience ​building expert who works with thousands of international brands and locations worldwide. Highly coveted events and global destination organizer working with impact driven founders.

Founder & Marketing Strategist ​at The Experience ​Experts

Founder of Manifest With Precision, fusing entrepreneurship and Astrology to produce breakthrough results. Serves elitist clientele, including celebrities, influential CEOs, and high-performing entrepreneurs.

Founder, Manifest With Precision

Founder, Life Before Work

Founded Life Before Work at age 19, a travel and experiences company which has grown to a 40-person team with remote employees stationed around the world. Pioneering initiatives to give back to global communities in need, including building homes in Nicaragua.

Ran an international therapy, energy healing, and coaching practice for 20 years. Founder of The Feel Good Life, a movement that helps successful women let go of stress and burn-out and open to ease, intuition, and flow. 

Founder, The Feel Good Life

Snapchat, Social Launch & Growth Strategies

#1 Snapchat Business Influencer Worldwide. Working with brands like BBC, NASDAQ, and others on social launch strategy & organic growth. Previously managed billions at Apple.

Founder, Erotic Wiring™

Holistic Sex and Intimacy Coach with 10 years of experience working with impact-driven entrepreneurs and influencers around the globe. She is the creator of Erotic Wiring™, a transformational tool to tease out what turns on your superpower, and the unique erotic path that will help you attain optimum personal growth and impact.

Founder, Erotic Wiring™

Fulbright scholar, meditation facilitator, transformational coach, architect, community activator, and founder of The Project Love. With his dream of ‘Awakening paradise on earth’, Gregorio has explored 60+ countries, adventuring in magical experiences, learning powerful skills and spreading love and positivity.

Embodiment Facilitator who has guided over ten thousand people across five continents including Fortune 100 companies, The United Nations, U.S. Congress, Facebook. Founder, The Future of Feminine. Certified 5Rhythms® teacher and practitioner for 21 years. 

Founder, The Future Of The Feminine

Paradise Balinese resort situated directly on the beach

Unimpressionable accommodations you'll forget about

Mouthwatering traditional Indonesian meals catered by gourmet local chefs

Unsatisfying, bland, or boring food

Adventure on your terms... Stay with the group or go off and explore on your own!

Mandatory activities and one place to be at one time

A high-vibe group of creative and inspiring entrepreneurs from around the world (your future best friends)

People you don't click with and surface level conversations

Curated workshops taught by industry leaders who are fun to hang out with (ask them for 1-1 personalized help any time)

One-size-fits all information you can find online and unapproachable workshop leaders

All-inclusive room, food, drink, and adventure... leave your wallet at home!

"Hidden" fees and additional expenses

The business accelerator of a lifetime.

Seize the opportunity to work one-on-one with world-renown business, lifestyle, spiritual and relationship practitioners committed to your success.

You'll walk away with a clear sense of direction and purpose that leaves you feeling refreshed, inspired, and changed.

Our curriculum is designed to accelerate both new and seasoned entrepreneurs.

No matter where you are in your journey, you'll find something that speaks to you and provides the missing elements you've been searching for.

Our retreat is an invite-only transformational event that gathers a global tribe of change-makers and visionaries who are leveraging business to impact the world. Take the first step to joining us in paradise by applying for your invite below.


Beautiful Accommodations

Delicious Meals

Epic Excursions

Healthy, traditional-style Balinese food to accommodate any dietary needs. Sourced sustainably and locally by gourmet chefs.

Stay in an expansive, fully-staffed luxury villa featuring an impeccable beachfront view, ample amenities and multiple lounge areas.

Venture into the jungle, take a dip in the ocean, immerse yourself in the culture, enjoy yoga and meditation every morning, and much, much more!

Applications are now closed. Get on the list to be notified of our next event! Patagonia in May 2019 and Madagascar in November 2019!

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