Do you want to learn how to expand your impact, influence, and income?

In 60 days, learn how to earn a living online doing what you love most.

Hi, I’m Jules Schroeder

I’m the founder and CEO of Unconventional Life, an experiential-learning company that has helped thousands of people earn a living doing what they love. 

I personally enjoy the freedom each and every day to work when, where, and how much I want, and I’m on a mission to help other people do the same.

I’m living proof that you don’t have to sacrifice who you are and what you’re passionate about just to get by.

I live my life according to 3 key principles…

1. You don’t have to settle.  

2. It doesn’t have to be hard. 

3. You get to have it all.

Sound too good to be true? I thought so once, too.

At one point in my life, I was juggling multiple jobs, working 18-hour days, and grinding my health into the ground. 

I wasn’t happy… but I didn’t know that there was another way. 

I believed that I needed to trade my time for money and that work was just that… “work.”  My only relief came when I got off the clock and had a few hours to do whatever I wanted. But of course, I’d wake up and have to do it all over again…

Flash forward to present-day, and now, I’m free. 

Instead of spending my time wishing the clock would speed up, I spend my time enjoying the moment… 

Whether that’s writing a song, launching an event, or interviewing a forward-thinker on my podcast.

And my business isn’t on the back burnerI’ve created results like:

So now for the million-dollar question…

How did I get from where I was to where I am today?

Allow me to introduce you to the Unconventional Business Blueprint…

The Unconventional Business Blueprint is a 60-day online learning experience that leads you to create a profitable online business centered around what you love doing most.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or already have an existing business, this program will equip you with the tools you need to stop surviving and start thriving. It’s packed with practical tools and strategies sourced from my 12+ years of experience running successful online businesses and teaching others to do the same.

Hear From Past Participants

"Jules has done an amazing job fostering a space for exponential growth, organic connection, and priceless memories. Simply put, life altering."
Ronny Turiaf
NBA Champion, 2-Time Olympian
"Jules is truly one of a kind. I’ve never met a leader like her. Her energy, wisdom, and confidence is magnetic. It's been so powerful to witness first-hand."
Lena Elkins
Business Coach, Forbes Columnist
"This has been transformative and life changing. The amazing, eclectic group of individuals that Jules brings together evokes strong connection, community and inspiration. The information shared is thought provoking, cleansing to the soul and actionable."
Michael Dash
CEO & President at Parallel HR Solutions, Inc.
"Jules Schroeder is a multi gifted, multi passionate renaissance woman. She is a powerful leader and holds a space for major transformation. Jules is a powerful creator. She takes huge ideas to implementation with remarkable speed and consistently exceeds expectations."
Jackie Knechtel
Co-Founder of Flow Consciousness Institute

What You’ll Learn



Learn how to cultivate a limitless mindset so you can build the business and lifestyle of your dreams. 


Idea Creation & Validation

Learn my step-by-step, proven  process for generating a profitable idea for your next business venture. 


Branding & Marketing

Learn how to turn your idea into an automated machine that earns you money while you sleep.


Crafting Your Aligned & Irresistible Offer

Discover how to craft a product or service offering that lights you up and provides for you abundantly.


Launching Your Offer

Learn how to sell your offer to your audience.


Content Strategy

Learn how to scale your audience and in turn, your revenue.

It’s time to step out of the “or reality” and into to the “and reality.”

You no longer need to compartmentalize what you’re passionate about and how you earn money.  This program will lead you to thrive not only in terms of your finances but also in terms of your self-expression, lifestyle, alignment, health, and wellbeing. When you integrate your highest excitement with how you get paid, you enjoy each day more and spend the majority of your time “playing” rather than “working.”

What You’ll Get


Learn how to build your dream business with step-by-step instructions, worksheets, and homework exercises that guide you to take action and create results in the real world.


Get support in making your business and lifestyle goals a reality with this in-depth video training series led by Jules. 


Access your entire program in one place. Go at your own pace.  Get help building your business from our dedicated support team.


Gold & Platinum Enrollment

Busy schedule? No problem. The sleek mobile web app works around your schedule and makes learning possible anytime, anywhere.


Cultivate strategic connections that accelerate your growth. Learn from and collaborate with other business owners.  Gain exposure to diverse audiences and opportunities.

LIVE coaching sessions WITH JULES

Get personalized support in building your business with Jules Schroeder, creator of the Unconventional Business Blueprint. Ask questions specific to your business, overcome roadblocks, and make progress more quickly and easefully.   Connect with Jules and the group LIVE for 1-hour, twice a month for 2 months.

Plus… Check Out These Incredible


guide to successful emails

Say goodbye to feeling lost or having no success with email marketing. This guide will help you write engaging emails that convert your subscribers into paying customers! Inside, you’ll find exclusive tips, done-for-you templates, and much, much more.


Silver, Gold, & Platinum Enrollment

Plan and implement a winning content strategy with this 30-day calendar. It’ll help you stay organized and accountable and take action that leads to results.


Silver, Gold, & Platinum Enrollment

With the right media kit, getting noticed is easy. In this guide, you’ll learn how to craft a media kit that helps you land profitable partnerships.

Hear From Past Participants

"Amazing content and amazing new friends! I was literally able to take the content and apply it into my life so I could start something immediately."
Anoop Kansupada
Travel Hacking Entrepreneur
"A life-changing experience with an amazing group of entrepreneurs who inspire you to be the best version of yourself!"
Florence Turiaf
Founder of Global Island Girl
"I walked away from the program with actionable steps for my business. There is nowhere else where you can get all this kind of information in one place! I would absolutely recommend."
Darrah Brustein
Writer & Networking Business Founder
"What continues to blow me away are the connections that I made. We became family instantly. Jules has impacted and upleveled my life and business tremendously."
Brady Hedlund
Co-Founder of Flow Consciousness Institute

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The Unconventional Business Blueprint
$ 97
  • The Unconventional Business Blueprint w/ Step-by-Step Instructions for Building Your Online Business & Exercises that Drive Results


The Unconventional Business Blueprint+
$ 497
  • The Entire Silver Plan, Plus...
  • In-Depth Video Training Series w/ Jules Schroeder
  • Private Membership Site w/ Unlimited Access to Our Support Team
  • Mobile Web App for Convenient Learning Anytime, Anywhere
  • Community Forum to Help You Stay Engaged & Motivated


The Unconventional Business Blueprint LIVE
$ 1,497
  • The Entire Gold Plan, Plus...
  • Global Facebook Community for Networking, Collaborating, & Accelerating Your Growth
  • LIVE Coaching Calls w/ Jules Schroeder for Individualized Support to Help You Successfuly Implement the Material
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