Join us for an advanced accelerator with an intimate group of 55 attendees.
Learn the art of transformative facilitation, how to access greater authenticity and intimacy in your relationships, while creating powerful clarity in your life and business that will leave you feeling inspired, activated, and in action.


  • Access to tools that will create breakthrough results in your business and life
  • A one-of-a-kind opportunity to network with global leaders from countries all over the world
  • Learn to hold space for a group with the ability to find flow within your facilitation
  • Put together a customizable promotional kit that you can use to elevate your brand
  • Walk away knowing how to skillfully navigate ALL emotions
  • Adventures and experiences that will have your smiling for months
  • Excel at taking your target audience on a journey of transformation and create customers for life.
  • A co-collaborative environment focused on gift-giving


Unconventional Life is a sought-after live experience for entrepreneurs, influencers, professional athletes, creatives and thought leaders from all over the world.

Our unique methodology produces a cellular shift that elevates the way you show up in every domain of your life.

When founder Jules Schroeder awoke, “Bali” was the first word out of her mouth. In just two months, Jules brought the dream to life – selling out the first event in just seven weeks. Since then, Unconventional Life has consistently sold out every event, receiving over hundreds of applications while spending zero dollars in marketing.


We Curate on the Mutual F*** Yeah

Our process is invite only. We personally speak to each person who attends, and everyone who comes is the “who’s who” of something. Our attendees are really looking to take their life to the next level and create success beyond the money in their bank account – we only extend invitations when there is a 10/10 aligned energy. 

We Value Energetic Integrity

We strive to create a space based on feeling. In our experience, details don’t just matter – they are foundational requirements. At a previous event in Bali, we looked at over 102 different venues before we chose our location. We curate every detail including the land, the food, who is attending and the facilitation. This creates the container inside of which quantum breakthroughs and up-leveling become possible. 

We Believe Personalization Matters

From the moment you arrive at the event, you will find a notecard with 3 names of people we think you should connect – while simultaneously, 3 people have your name. We design the environment to cut through the small talk and have you feeling connected with strangers who will move the needle forward for you. We also create a safe container for you to step out of your comfort zone and try new things that you only dreamed of doing. 

We Stay True to the Grassroots

At every location we have held events – from Bali, Nicaragua, Italy, to South Africa – we have always incorporated local culture, values and integrity into what we do. We don’t stay at chain hotels and support local artisans in the fair trade manufacturing of our jewelry. 




“Living an Unconventional Life means moving purely based on your soul, on the instructions personally placed inside your soul from the Universe or God and doing it regardless of absolutely anything.”


Founder, The Global Millennial Movement “The New Way”

“When you’re living the Unconventional Life, you’re not willing to let others who have come before you dictate what is going to come after you. You can write your own path, you don’t need to be swept up in the river current of life.” ​


Founder, Entrepreneur on Fire | 2M+ Monthly Listeners

“It means being the blind man or woman wandering around in life eyes closed so that we can see clearly where we are going because we’re navigating with our heart. Breaking normal, being our unapologetic weird selves.” ​


YouTuber, Author & Speaker | 100M+ Views, 1M+ Following

“Living an Unconventional Life means being able to do the things I want to do when I want to do them. It means having the freedom to turn my ideas into reality and to live a wildly successful life. It’s awesome.”​


Founder, The Female Entrepreneur Association



At this gathering you will be just as inspired by the person sitting next to you as the person speaking. That’s because we attract some of the world’s most amazing leaders, thinkers and doers.

The best part is—you will have the opportunity to network in a paradise setting which will ensure strong connections and amazing bonds; whether it be by the pool, on an outdoor excursion, or at an evening party.


Seize the opportunity to work one-on-one with world-renown business, lifestyle,  and relationship practitioners committed to your success.

You’ll walk away with a clear sense of direction and purpose that leaves you feeling refreshed, inspired, and changed.

Our curriculum is designed to accelerate both new and seasoned entrepreneurs.

No matter where you are in your journey, you’ll find something that speaks to you and provides the missing elements you’ve been searching for.




Why Entrepreneurs Struggle In Relationship And What To Do About It

More than ever, our generation struggles with their relationships, studies show that 90% of businesses will fail within 7 years and 50% of marriages fail within 7 years. This workshop will give you a new perspective on approaching and sustaining your relationships as an entrepreneur. Relational experts, Libby and Andy will teach you the three phases entrepreneurs go through in a relationship, the power of polarity in a partnership, how to argue and communicate effectively and why you should take a relationship sabbatical once a year.

How money, art, and empathy can unlock business growth

Today, the competition for attention is getting more fierce by the second. Everyone wants to be an influencer. Unfortunately, “attention” doesn’t lead to influence. And it certainly doesn’t lead to a profitable business. In fact, seeking attention is often a distraction from actually GROWING your business. This workshop will give you battle-tested, counter-intuitive strategies to build a business you never want to leave. Learn how marketing, art, and empathy can unlock the next level of your business growth, understand your genius so you can attract genius partners and create win-win relationships. Plus Andrew will also share the #1 strategy he used to retire one of his clients from 1-1 coaching to earning 100k per month in 18 months.

Surrendered Living: Being in Divine Union With Life

What does it take to truly live a surrendered life? To be in divine union with life, to trust uncertainty and the unknown, especially in times of transition? In this workshop develop practical tools to coming into a greater relationship to surrender– with your environment and within yourself. Learn how to evolve your relationship to trust master your purpose, moment to moment from the deep feminine, and how to allow destiny to speak through you.

Tell a story that creates engagement by being your true character.

Do you ever find that you get more engagement on a random funny post than a post that you have spent hours on and explains your true passions? Yeah, it happens, but why? Marc shares with us the ins and outs of consumer psychology and how to tell a story that makes people stop, think and engage and take action on your vision. Having reached millions of eyeballs via working alongside entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk, he definitely has more than a few tips and tricks to shine the spotlight on the unique character inside of you to impact the masses and 10x your message.

Understanding Your Life Lesson

We all came into this life with a particular lesson that is disguised as the challenge you face over and over again. Through astrology, learn exactly what lesson the universe is wanting you to learn so you can overcome obstacles faster and easier.

The Ancient Art of Astrology: The Ultimate Tool to Transform Your Sales & Team Performance

As a conscious entrepreneur, the importance of personal development is deeply woven into your journey. Sometimes it can feel like a difficult path but what if it were as easy as mapping out the stars? The same applies to understanding and fully utilizing your team’s potential. They are one of the most vital aspects of your business and how you connect with them will make or break the bank. Learn how to tap into the power of astrology to create massive shifts in your business and relationships and how to use astrology as a tool to close high ticket sales and increase your conversions.

habit hacking

Everyone struggles with painful habits. Moment-to-moment, we shape our lives with each choice we make. The problem is, most of our choices aren’t made consciously. They’re made by a survival mechanism in the body that is often outdated. Using a blend of neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality, this talk will teach you exactly what to do at the moment of choice so that you can literally rewire your brain and energy field into the new human evolution, get to the core of what keeps you in resistance and learn how to create new actions that align with your true desires.

Zones of turbulence and how to step into the unknown

When you get ready to step into the next level of your life, you undoubtedly have to face your fear of the unknown. Not once. Not twice. But again and again. This fear can be paralyzing and cause you to stay stuck in your comfort zone rather than to expand into the life you are meant to live. Discover your, subtle resistance, limiting beliefs, trapped trauma in your physical body, and evolutionary fears. Get ready to bring awareness and healing to your Zones of Turbulence so that your capacity to grow and change will be exponential. In this talk, Isabelle teaches you tangible tools and powerful spiritual practices to support you in not only to dissolve your fear of the unknown but actually utilize it to shift into your next frequency.

Becoming limitless, Hacking the flow state

Breathe your way into bliss for sublime states of natural high & accelerated manifestation This workshop will give you direct access to your deeper genius, and allow you to enter into the space before the mind. Not just for this retreat, but for the rest of your life. This is where you can receive inspiration, downloads, and feelings you’ve never had before. In this space you’ll get more done in 5 minutes, than in 5 hours of trying to figure things out with your mind. Did someone say Quantum Flow? Yep, this is it.

Discovering Your DNA: Distinct Natural Assets

Do you feel like you have so many gifts, talents, and things that interest you that it is challenging to represent yourself? In this workshop learn how to understand your unique blueprint, how to communicate your message effectively, create digital assets like a media kit and branding materials, while unleashing and honing in your full range of self-expression. Jules will take you on a journey of both visualization and tactical exercises to connect you deeper to your clarity and confidence.

Becoming A Community Architect

Do you have a desire to lead your own retreats or groups of people? Are you already a leader and you are ready to take your skill set to the next level? Jules will take you behind the scenes of how she is able to sell out retreats internationally, her secrets for weaving community and bringing people together, and how to create experiences for people that market itself. Whether you are hosting a dinner party, speaking at a conference or hosting your own event, learn how to effortlessly connect groups and create transformation in a matter of minutes.

The Art of Improv

Spontaneous action or thinking on your feet means more than simply coming up with quick responses to unexpected questions. It requires a deep presence, which is about listening and finding the best way to turn those impulses into useful action. Practice saying “yes and” by defaulting to positive, affirming collaboration and how to silence the inner critic that holds you back and censors your ideas.


Our retreat is an invite-only transformational event that gathers a global tribe of change-makers and visionaries who are leveraging business to impact the world. Take the first step to joining us in paradise by applying for your invite below.


(All you have to do is show up)


Enjoy healthy, local and traditional Madigasy food to accommodate any dietary needs. You will appreciate the scents from the garden as you enjoy fresh and flavorful cooking.


The villa is a combination of  contemporary architecture and classical Madigasy features for a truly unique masterpiece. Featuring an expansive view, ample amenities and multiple lounge areas.


Venture into the rich local culture on our all inclusive pre-planned cultural excursions in Madagascar. Immerse yourself in the local culture and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.


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