A 10-Week Time-Bending Accelerator
to master the art of non-linear manifestation


What would be possible if you upleveled your relationship with time?

We live in a world dictated by the confines of linear time. The world where X action is expected to generate X result by X date. It can be a trap of expectations that doesn’t match the energetic caliber of who you are as a visionary creator in your life.

It’s no surprise we feel constricted by time: we’ve been taught to think of time as a linear progression from the past, through the present, and into the future.

A+B= C

This linear time, where one possibility exists at any given moment, has been the foundation of our understanding of reality for centuries.

But what if time no longer was a variable in how you perceived what was possible?

What if you knew your success was inevitable over the course of a lifetime?

What if you could reliably trust the infinite possibilities available to you at any moment?

Because when you learn to master the energetics of time, you’ll be amazed to witness the speed at which the quantum field co-creates miracles.


ask yourself:

What are you willing to believe is possible?

Can you imagine a world where rapid manifestation is possible?

Can you free yourself from attachment and dream in non-linear space?

Are you ready to tap into the domain of miracles?

Can all of it unfold easily right before your eyes?
Before I studied quantum timelines, i didn’t believe that non-linear realities were possible
I would get frustrated when I didn’t get the results in my business when I thought I should.  I put a lot of pressure on myself to perform at a high level, and felt isolated feeling like my success was a cross I had to bear alone.

But then I learned multiple possibilities can exist simultaneously, and our focus and energy determine which of these possibilities become our reality. This concept isn’t just theoretical. It is a learnable skill that can be applied to influence which possibilities manifest in the present and future. 

When we start to understand and relate to time differently, we remove the pressure that often comes with it. Deadlines, aging, the fear of missing out—all these pressures stem from a linear perception of time.
In Quantum Time, you’ll discover the art of non-linear reality creation


It requires non-negotiable boundaries, a clear and concise structure, and an understanding of how the quantum field works, and how you can consistently access it.

Boundaries in relationships. Boundaries in what you are or are not available for. Boundaries with your mental and physical energy. Boundaries in how you choose to interact with the quantum field.

When you apply the Manifestation Equation in quantum time the infinite becomes possible.

At the heart of this mastermind is the question:

What could be possible when you create the conditions for miracles to manifest and unfold? In Quantum Time, over the course of the 10-weeks, you will learn from a scientific perspective how the Quantum Field works and how you can reliably interact with it.
live group calls

3 PER month

The power of community is potent. You’ll join an intimate group on the rapid unfolding of epic possibility. Get ready to shift in ways you haven’t before in a collective field that will carry us all the way to Egypt.
1:1 coaching sessions

2 PER month with jules

Work with Jules twice a month in (2) private 30-minute sessions or (1) 1 hour session. Get a customized roadmap to bring the full force of your vision into life.
2-day retreat

boulder, co

Over the course of a weekend in Colorado we will go deep in this work and accelerate and anchor the growth we have been doing on-screen in person. Food and accommodations included; flights not included.
1:1 somatic coaching sessions

1 PER month with mary

Discover the magic of Cross Mapping to rewire your nervous system through the body, bypass the limitations of the conscious mind to heal directly through the body.
1:1 brand vision & business coaching session

1 per month with mary

These sessions are customized, practical implementation hiveminds to help you bring your ideas forth to the world—and monetize them.
Master the energetics of time and create the future you were born for
Jules Schroeder is a multi-gifted, multi-passionate renaissance woman. She is a powerful leader and holds a space for major transformation. Jules is a powerful creator. She takes huge ideas to implementation with remarkable speed and consistently exceeds expectations.

jackie k.

I was catapulted into a journey I never dreamed possible. At age 39 I received life-changing news: I had breast cancer. A friend told me about Jules and took a leap of faith and was catapulted into a journey I never dreamed possible. Today I am the CEO and founder of the coaching business Warrior Girl, and the clothing line Kilele.

whitney c.

are you ready to manifest miracles?
I have watched clients unlock millions of dollars within weeks. Sell their companies. Generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of new revenue streams. Conceive children, get engaged, lose weight they were never able to, quit their job, the list goes on and on. The right field knows no limits.

It’s time to unleash the song of your soul and leave the hustle mentality behind.

It’s time to break through the parameters society created that don’t fit your unconventional soul.

It’s time for airtight boundaries that help you play in the field of miracles.