The Unconventional Business Blueprint incorporates ALL the pieces of your expression to create a business that lights you up and leaves you feeling deeply satisfied.
Use the blueprint to design your future and cultivate a purpose-driven life.

“Living the Unconventional Life is all about living in an ‘and reality’ where you have success not just in terms of your career & finances but also in terms of lifestyle, alignment, self-expression, health, and wellbeing.”

I provide you with the fundamental practices to take you from where you are right now and create your unconventional business that really matches who you are.

Because when you match your internal desires to your external expression you create aligned offers that are not only irresistible but profitable and enjoyable.

I’ve got a ton of knowledge to share based on what I’ve learned about entrepreneurship over these past ten years.

You see, if you haven’t noticed already,
I don’t operate like most entrepreneurs do.

I’m not about the morning routine, the daily hustle and grind, or the 10,000 hours. Most days, I spend my time practicing radical self care and following my highest excitement… whether that is writing a song, launching a new event, or interviewing an on my podcast. And my business isn’t on the back burner—I’ve created results like:

  • Being named by Inc Magazine as one of 27 Women Entrepreneurs in 2017 changing the world
  • Being named the #1 Podcast for Entrepreneurs in 2018
  • Selling out live six-figure international masterminding events for entrepreneurs
  • Writing for Forbes with no previous blogging experience.

And I’ve done all of this effortlessly, in flow, without forcing.

The lifestyle I live, where entrepreneurship is synchronous with intuition, alignment, and flow, is accessible to you too.

Actually, it’s inherent within you.

This course is a manual of how to distinguish your own blueprint in yourself such that you can hear what works for you.

So often I find we don’t get the results that we want because we’re following someone else’s system of what works for them.

You will discover exactly how to build your unconventional business based on your own unique self-expression that is distinct to YOU. So that your business, or your external vehicle for earning an income, is a seamless extension of who you are.

We will spend 60 days developing & launching your Unconventional Business.

The Unconventional Business Blueprint is a 6 week, live video training program that teaches entrepreneurs how to create a profitable and impactful online business doing what they love.

Whether you’re a total beginner to business or already own an existing business, this program will equip you with the tools you need to thrive. It is designed to provide every business owner with a strong foundation and the ability to scale with integrity and ease.

My mission with The Unconventional Blueprint is to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs to become the leaders they were born to be, so that they can create aligned, purpose-driven businesses that creates a positive impact on a large scale.

This course is for you if…

  • You’re in a transition & you feel like life as you know it isn’t lighting you up in the way that it used to.
  • You have hit a plateau, where you have made success in your career but want a career that is aligned and impactful and feels purposeful.
  • You feel like you are doing all the right steps and techniques yet somehow you are not getting any results.
  • You want to learn how to take consistent micro-actions to keep yourself in the game without feeling fatigued.
  • You want to be able to hear and trust your intuition when it comes to taking action in your life and business.
  • You are looking for a course that is equal parts mindset techniques mixed with practical step by step marketing and tech support.
  • You want to create an online business that synthesizes your unique gifts and skills, that rewards you with a freedom-based lifestyle on your own schedule, with the flexibility to travel.

How people are transforming when they work with Jules…







Designed to recognize what core feelings you want to experience & to set yourself up to honor the truth of what is alive for you in each and every moment.

In this module…

  • Define your version of success, and what success means to you
  • Designing a day in your dream life and map out your core desired feelings
  • Conventional vs. Unconventional wisdom
  • ​How to follow your f*uck yes into an extraordinary Life
  • ​How to accelerate by slowing down and creating more space
  • ​Unlock your body's wisdom to feel alignment vs. misalignment
I share the #1 way to validate your idea before spending tons of money + time creating your product or service. Learn how to identify who your customer is and how to speak to them in their language. You will feel even more confident in sharing your ideas with the world to achieve and ascend your greatness.

In this module…

  • Discover my signature "make-it-happen" process of rapid visioning that will enable you to transcend your blocks to tackling next-level projects, successfully execute projects that once seemed 'too big', and gain confidence in yourself
  • ​Learn the process of Idea validation and get clear on who your idea is intended for
  • ​How to speak your customer’s language, not yours
  • ​How to survey your audience
Taking your idea and transforming it into a visual concept.

In this module…

  • Learn the three-part formula for crafting your marketing message and enrolling people in your vision
  • ​Build an email list that you can market your content to and eventually sell products to
  • Create a winning landing page. Learn how to put together a landing page in a few hours with no tech experience needed, learn the essential elements you need to establish credibility and proof, and gain free access to my Instapage templates!
  • ​Social media tips. Learn how to optimize how you present yourself on social media, how to position yourself as an expert in your niche and what to do to keep yourself top of mind and always in front of your audience
  • ​Create automation through Facebook Messenger bot
  • ​Access to 5 email templates + a list of catchy subject lines + more tips on crafting action-oriented emails
You will learn simple steps to create your signature offer with a catchy benefit-driven headline and subheadline. I address the number one struggle that people have around money and how to become a vibrational match for the money you want to generate through your offer.

In this module…

  • Crafting a benefit-driven statement that entices your audience
  • ​Determine the most effective offer format that is not only aligned with who you are but irresistible
  • Choosing a low or high touch sales model
  • ​How to price out your product based on what it is worth rather than what you think people would pay
  • ​Create automation through Facebook Messenger bot
  • Belief clearing with your relationship with money- learn how to clear beliefs that are holding you back on a mental, emotional, and cellular level
It is time to launch your offer and bring the money that is already here in your life! I will also share a low pressure but effective sales process that is fun and approachable without needing to have a large following.

In this module…

  • Tapping into your networks of cash
  • ​How to monetize your audience into paying customers
  • How to still sell if you have a smaller audience
  • Win-Win Partnerships: The key to collaborating with anyone and how to find the "win-win" value exchange that makes working together a "hell yes"
The final module is about your content strategy, and how to scale and grow your offers and creating an accountability structure to maintain consistency.

In this module…

  • Choose the most effective channel(s) for you to release content. Pair your natural gifts with the channel that will generate maximum engagement. Examples: Write articles for a media publication, launch your own podcast, create videos on YouTube or Facebook Live, and many more.
  • Create an accountability structure around publishing your content on time each week
  • ​Mapping out your Entire Blueprint from top to bottom
  • ​How to be a 'community architect'

Jules is the founder of Unconventional Life, ranked the #1 Podcast for Entrepreneurs in 2018 and previous Forbes contributor with over 1 million article views.

Through Unconventional Life, she hosts international business masterminding events in out-of-the-box locations 2 times per year, like the seaside of Bali, a castle in Italy and a private island in Madagascar.

Jules is a natural-born entrepreneur who founded her first 6-figure company at 18 and her first 7-figure company at 22.

Today, she leads 1-1 ang group business + masterminds, she just finished creating a full length musical album and is enjoying her new house in the mountains of Colorado.

Are you ready to step on the unconventional path and in the next 60 days discover how to create more impact, influence, and income?

Get access to the Unconventional Business Blueprint & join us in redefining what success looks like but more importantly what success FEELS like.

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