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January - april 2023

A 4-month portal to power to activate your infinite potential, unlock rapid results generation, and do what you’ve never done before.

In 4 months, you will turn up the dial of your vision to full power, harness the connections already around you, and see how much you can throttle. 

You are the one to choose a bigger game.

Your vision. Your clarity. Your magnetism. Your execution.

It’s beyond manifestation.

A bigger game than ever before. 

No one else can bring your vision forth.

The force of who you are is waiting to be unleashed.

When you learn to harness the power of the heart and the brain, momentum will happen in every area of life you choose: business, love, adventure, finances. 

You have to choose it, and compress the force of who you are into the point of action. 

Where you are no longer at the effect of circumstances. 

Step into the power portal, where your future vision rapidly manifests in the present moment.  

Where you get to have it all. 

In order to move from potentiality to possibility, you have to get bigger than yourself.

This is the gold of creation…

Combined with a clear science and methodology of how I’ve been doing this in my own life…

As a community, we’ll raise the collective field and become the unstoppable magnet of YES around us.

get ready for rapid manifestation

I AM THE ONE logo 2

4-months to rewire your brain and body to hold the vibration of your future, and discover how quickly possibilities in the quantum field become tangible results in the physical world. 

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What you’ll get by enrolling …

3 live group calls / month

The power of community is potent. You’ll join an intimate group on the rapid unfolding of epic possibility. 

1:1 coaching sessions with Jules

Work with Jules twice a month in private 30-minute sessions. Get a customized roadmap to bring the full force of your vision into creation.  

Peer-led support and accountability.

We’ll meet each other in evolution, expansion, in shedding the past and making space for the crystalline future to become the NOW. Time to raise our collective vibration and enter the experiment of rapid manifestation. 

Create the impact you were born for.

This course is for you if …

 You have a big, beautiful idea that you’ve been struggling to follow through on on (like launching a podcast, starting a new business, building an email list, transitioning out of a relationship…)

You know you have a powerful intuition but are challenged in trusting and acting on it

You want your life and work to feel effortless, and divinely guided

You’re ready to learn how to run energy in your body in a different way

You want a way to push your dreams forward in a sustainable, replicable way 

You are ready to receive the magic and abundance of how good life can truly get

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I know what it takes to birth a vision to the world.

I’m the CEO and founder of Unconventional Life, and the host of a podcast that reaches millions of people in 75 different countries. I created a 7-figure retreats business, taking people all over the world, from helicopter rides to private islands off the coast of Madagascar, to castles in Italy, to treehouses in Nicaragua. I know what it feels like to live in the total alignment of my soul’s purpose. 



I started asking questions…How would I get people to sign up? How would I even do it? Was it a good idea? 

I followed one intuitive cue after another, taking action in spite of the fear that I was going to f*** everything up. 

It wasn’t until I’d sold 17 spots that I stopped feeling like an imposter. In that moment, everything clicked for meI had been guided to that moment. I had followed my intuition, and everything was falling into place around me. 

It was effortlessThe event went off without a hitchI hosted several more over the next few years. Not to mention in that time I started multiple 7-figure businesses (including Unconventional Life!), launched a music career, invested in real estate, and wrote a couple books.

Since then, my life’s purpose has always been to help other people come into full alignment with themselves… 

But it wasn’t until I came into full alignment with MYSELF that I could unlock that potential. 

i am the one



✓ (9) Live group coaching calls w/ Jules- 3x / month 

✓ (3) 45-minute calls with Jules

✓ Group Whatsapp support

✓ Peer-led support and accountability

*payment plans available
3 payments of $1,677 or
5 Payments of $1,011

Pay In Full Get A Bonus  1 Hr Wealth Activation Session or
1 Hr Clarity Breakthrough Session With Jules

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Curious if it is a fit? Got Questions? 

Allow yourself to follow your intuition to see what is possible. 

Click below to schedule a call with Jules.

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