How to Turn Your Pain Into Your Purpose with Musician Nahko Bear

Nahko Bear is a world-renowned artist, visionary, futurist, and activist on a mission to empower people to reconnect with themselves in a way that connects them to their greater environments and community through his words and music.  Selling out shows across the globe, his newest album, My Name is Bear, has debuted on a number of Billboard charts and made #1 on iTunes.

In Nahko’s podcast, you will learn…

  •    How he makes the most of his time on the road
  •    His transformative story – healing and transmuting the wounds of his past
  •    How he bridges the gap for communities worldwide
  •    And so much more…

“The moment I think I know who I am is the moment I have it all stripped away again” – Nahko

  • Sustenance for Your Entrepreneurial Journey

  • Find Your Medicine
  • Performing sold-out shows for thousands of people around the world is certainly no small feat.  As Nahko shares the importance of his self-care routines on the road, I’m reminded of the typical entrepreneurial grind and work-life balance.  How often do you take time for yourself during the hours of dedication you’ve given to creating and cultivating your business? What routines are you actively invested in for your health and longevity?  What are you doing to stay sharp?
  • Optimizing your health and wellness will advance your ability to show up in all areas of your life. Take time each day to calm your mind, move your body, and find ways to nourish yourself first and foremost.  Sometimes taking an hour out of your busy day will feel counterintuitive, but with practice, you’ll soon start to reap the benefits and understand the value of this commitment.   
  • Connect to Something Greater than Yourself
    Spending many years working closely with the Earth, Nahko’s commitment and connection to the sustainability of our environmental health shines through in his music.  It was through these experiences in Alaska and Hawaii that he began to heal the trauma of his past, which ultimately became the words woven into the songs of his wildly successful albums.  Using music as his vessel, Nahko’s dedication to his own personal, spiritual, and social healing has continued to inspire and impact thousands of people across the world. What started as a young man’s healing led to a greater gift for so many on their own path to self-discovery.
  • What is the greater impact you are in touch with as you carve your own path?  Zoom out of your everyday life and look at where the lessons from your story’s peaks and valleys could make a difference.  Is there something you’ve been hesitant to share with the world? What kind of legacy would you like to leave? You are the only one who has this particular wisdom with your unique stories.   
  • Share Your Superpowers
  • Nahko’s ability to cross-pollinate and combine unique populations is perhaps one of his greatest superpowers.  From yoga festivals to extreme sports events, activists and Hollywood stars, this musician truly knows how to speak to a diverse crowd.  His mix of Puerto Rican, Native American, and Filipino bloodlines started as a confusing combination and required him to step outside the societal norms to find greater possibility than the system could offer.  Instead of seeing his differences as a downfall, he chose to do his thing and boldly be himself.
  • Do you have qualities that don’t quite fit the boxes you see around you?  While paving your own path may create tension at times, coming back to your greater purpose will provide support when things seem tough.  Alchemize whatever might be holding you back and find the diamond in the rough.



  •  Amelia Broughton is a relational facilitator and purveyor of connection, pioneering a more connected, communication-savvy, and emotionally intelligent planet. She facilitates Authentic Relating and Relational Leadership in various settings and communities. Her expertise is in team dynamics and interpersonal relations. With over 10 years of experience on teams and in communities, Amelia’s vision for the world is one of beautiful interconnection, a place where we put down the distractions and to-do lists to bask in the miracles that surround us. The type of connection that nourishes us internally, externally and has every one of us feel seen, heard and loved with a true sense of belonging.  An active Unconventional Life member, Amelia recently became our Operations Director and will be consistently contributing her writing.