Multitalented? How to Fuse Your Business and Artistic Passion into Your Life

Multitalented? How to Fuse Your Business and Artistic Passion into Your Life

David Andrew Wiebe is the host of The New Music Industry Podcast, founder of The Music Entrepreneur HQ, and author of The New Music Industry: Adapting, Growing, and Thriving in The Information Agebook, and The Essential Guide to Music Entrepreneurship. A multi-talented entrepreneur, he is also highly skilled in audio, video, music, and multimedia design.

In David’s episode, you will learn…

  • How to navigate entrepreneurship when you have so much to offer    
  • The importance of building a team to support your vision
  • How to be a “Both, And” person
  • And much more…

Sound Strategies for the Beginner Entrepreneur

Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome

If you identify as a multipotentialite, the diverse range of gifts and skills you have to offer is vast.  With so much curiosity and interest, it can be frustrating when you’re trying to figure out where to invest your time and energy.  After all, everything seems to have so much potential!

Wiebe shares that when he was first starting out he created all the projects and websites that beckoned to be made.  After writing his first book, he realized directing all the websites to one page would be the most efficient strategy instead of continuously writing a book for each website.  He recommends validating your exciting idea first before making anything. Once you know there is demand, it’s time to start creating.

Insights are rapidly available, but the integration or materialization of said insight takes time and energy.  Write out your most desirable ideas and ask people you know for feedback. See what sticks and take action in the direction with the most traction.  Commit to focusing your attention on this idea for 90 days and see what comes into fruition. Allow yourself to be process-oriented instead of results-oriented along the way.  Most of all, make sure you’re enjoying yourself.

Start with The Basics

After being introduced to network marketing, Wiebe realized that the core components of the techniques, skills, and content he was being given could map to just about anything.  He swiftly started to apply the principles to his musical entrepreneurship and dedicated his time to increase his success.

When you’re first starting out as an entrepreneur, you may be easily overwhelmed with the endless content flying out every crevasse of the internet.  Instead of getting caught up with the excess, try to find a blueprint of an already successful or familiar model. Be willing to adapt and practice fluidity as your business evolves, but start by solidifying your basic outline first.  

Conquer Those Defeating Tendencies

Along the way, you will likely meet obstacles, jump hurdles, and come up against some diminishing thoughts.  Wiebe remembers his moments of questioning his projects, and shares that comparing his work to others success got the best of him at times.

Having a strong mindset and continuously coming back to the bigger picture of your creation will support you when you’re struggling.  He suggests finding people that compliment your vision and building a team of individuals that are skilled at the tasks that are less desirable to you.  Find a way to focus your energy on the things you love to do and know that you don’t have to do it alone.




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