How to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

How to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

Gabrielle Bonneville is the co-founder of Momentom Collective, an artist residency for entrepreneurs featuring co-training and co-working in exotic locations around the world—

Including Bali, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Prior to founding Momentom Collective, Gabrielle worked at the United Nations promoting human rights.

In Gabrielle’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to surround yourself with inspiring and uplifting people – create a kickass community!
  • Tips to manifest the life of your dreams
  • The keys to profound introspection and authentic self-expression
  • And so much more…

Major themes in this episode:

1. Introspection is the key to self-actualization.

In order to fulfill upon your dreams, you must first know yourself so that you can know what your dreams are. The more in touch you are with yourself, the more you will be able to attune to what satiation feels like for you in terms of aligned work, relationships, hobbies, etc. So how do you come to know yourself?

Gabrielle says for her, the pathway is introspection. Introspection can look different for different people. For you, it may be…

  • Awareness of breath
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Psychedelic journeys
  • Creative outlets

“Whatever form connecting with self comes in for you intuitively and excitedly, do it for a minimum of twenty minutes a day,” Gabrielle recommends for maximum results.

2. Credibility starts in your immediate network.

In just a few short years, Momentom Collective has impacted thousands globally and become a household name among aerial artists, entrepreneurs, and travelers.

Gabrielle credits the success of Momentom to the quality of her internal community. At each residency, community is at the core of their values. Momentom welcomes artists and travelers into their residencies on an application basis. A hand-curation process ensures that each individual is in alignment with the intentions of the broader community, while maintaining an intimate environment that fosters meaningful connection. Word spreads among visitors, which in turn attracts more visitors.

While many of us think the best way to create community is through an active social media presence, Momentom reminds us that in-person connection and word-of-mouth advertising can be just as effective, if not more.

How can you create more emphasis on in-person connection in your brand?

3. Who you surround yourself with matters.

You’ve probably heard you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. But are you living by this?

Pay attention to how you feel when and after you spend time around others. Do you tend to feel drained after spending time with certain individuals? Does maintaining any connection feel like “work”?

Don’t expose yourself to others who consistently drain you.

Practicing self love means not jeopardizing your well-being by spending time with those who drain you. It can be hard to hold a firm boundary around access to your energy, but it is much better for yourself and those involved. Sometimes, by keeping others around who do us harm—advertently or inadvertently—we are enabling them.

If you really value a connection with someone whose presence seems to dull your light, have a conversation with them. Be honest and give them feedback about your experience of connecting with them impacts you. Remember to own your experience; the conversation may be delicate so how you approach it can influence the outcome. Don’t levy blame. Use “I” statements rather than “you” statements, and use specific examples. You might say, “when you do ___, I feel ___.”

Honesty can go a long way in improving any relationship. However, if honesty still doesn’t work, you may consider distancing yourself from this individual. You can still love and support them at a distance that honors your own well-being.

It’s just as important to fill your circle with those who uplift you.

Gabrielle says, “Surround yourself with the right people. I have a desire to be surrounded with business entrepreneurs, energy healers and artists. Build a team around yourself that is so bomb.”

Aim to curate a group of friends who uplift, inspire, and encourage you. The presence of these people in your life will nurture you and facilitate your growth.