The 6-Figure Earner’s Guide to Branding

The 6-Figure Earner’s Guide to Branding

Dmitriy Kozlov is the founder of Influex, an elite personal branding agency working with 6, 7, and 8 figure entrepreneurs including Mike Dillard and JJ Virgin. Influex specializes in helping entrepreneurs infuse their authentic self expression into their business.

In Dmitriy’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to unlock authentic branding – connect instantly with your clients.
  • Tips to improve the effectiveness of your website.
  • What sets top influencers apart from the rest.
  • Plus, a live spoken word performance by Dmitriy (watch til the end!)

Key lessons from Dmitriy’s episode:

Your full self expression is the missing piece in your business.

Many of us believe that there is no place for our full selves in our business. We have this notion of “professionalism” that seems to exclude the entirety of who we are from the realm of business.

Case in point, I did an interview with JP Sears—you know, the hysterical YouTuber behind the “Ultra Spiritual” series—where he said that for years he was terrified of bringing his humor to his business. He created content online centered around “sincere life advice” that never got any traction.

One day, JP decided to take a risk and put out a comedic video… and the video went viral, garnering millions of views. His channel became an instant sensation and viewers began asking for more comedy skits. JP’s story shows us that bringing our full selves can catalyze quantum leaps in our business.

What are you holding back from your business?

Dmitriy offers, “What’s your artistic passion? Everyone has one as a kid. When you bring it into your entrepreneurship, it gives you an opportunity to something greater in business and is more fulfilling. My friend Yanik Silver loves to doodle and it sets his marketing apart.”

Integrating purpose into business makes a big difference.

One of the main reasons people burn out in business is that they lack a strong “why.” When we lack greater context for the small things we do everyday, these small things can seem mundane and even pointless.

When your “why” is strong—it’s something that’s worth showing up for, something that challenges you to rise to the occasion—your business has sustainable fuel.

Dmitriy recommends aligning your business with positive impact. He says, “when your business does good in the world, you’re willing to put energy into it whether or not you have external support. It inspires your team to show up in a different way. When your purpose is expressed, unexpected things come into support you, including media and PR opportunities, which may end up turning into greater profits for you. When you do something good for the world, the world rallies to support you in doing more good work.”