How to Access and Express Your Greatest Gifts with Adam Roa

How to Access and Express Your Greatest Gifts with Adam Roa

Adam Roa is transforming societal definitions of love and creativity by radically modeling uncensored vulnerable human expression.  As one of Goalcast’s top choices for Game Changers to Watch Out for in 2019, Adam is catalyzing change on the planet by courageously exposing parts of himself that many would rather hide. An international spoken word artist and founder of The Deep Dive podcast, Adam realized his words would only reach so far and responded by choosing to film his life with the show, The Art of Choosing Love.   With over a million views, a live performance of his poem “You Are Who You’ve Been Looking For” is inspiring the masses to realize the love that exists within.  His intention is to better the planet with every breath he takes.

In Adam’s episode, you will learn…

  • How to find greater alignment through radical self-love
  • How to unleash your creative potential for powerful self-expression
  • The immense value of meditation and your breath
  • And much more…

Try Out These Transformative Tips from Adam

Look Inside

Once someone who believed he was purely a logical mind that lacked the creative pulse, Adam awakened his artistic potential and began sharing his wisdom to millions around the world.  A modern day renaissance man, Adam realized at a young age that no amount of achievement would fill the hole he felt internally and went on a quest to question everything he’d been told about how life was and wasn’t.  The longing for wholeness called him to turn his focus inwards and befriend the uncomfortable, vulnerable places within him that he’d once deemed unsafe or too scary. With fierce commitment to willingly look at these parts of himself, Adam is a powerful example of what is possible when you choose to step into the transformative fires to truly love yourself and live your own personal truth.    

What parts of yourself have you labeled too damaged, wrong, impossible to be with?  What ways of being have you subscribed to unwillingly or unconsciously? Is there a nagging voice inside that begs for something different than your current reality? From his own experience, Adam shares, “the only way to fill up that desire to feel loved, worthy, fulfilled is to go inwards, go inside ourselves and look at the places we don’t feel enough.”  

Faceoff with the discomfort and sit with the things that don’t feel good.  By choosing to address the aspects of yourself you don’t like, you will discover what lies on the other side of your fears.  What will you uncover? What would be possible if your fears didn’t phase you in the way they once did before you faced them?


In choosing to sit in the discomfort and give himself permission to feel, Adam continued to see how vital the awareness of breath was for his life.  When you take a deep breath, your body begins to signal the parasympathetic nervous system which calms your nerves and shifts you into rest and relaxation.  Often people are in a constant stress response, or fight or flight mode because they are taking shorter breaths which activates the sympathetic nervous system.  

Next time you feel overwhelmed or nervous, start to focus on your breath.  Whether you don’t know what to say in response to someone or you’re moving through an uncomfortable sensation, allowing yourself to have a few deep breaths will provide the space to come back to the present moment and calm your system. Deep breathing lets your body know it’s ok to feel and to be with yourself.  

The invitation is to cultivate this awareness in your life and watch the shifts that start to occur.


Adam believes that the greatest gifts arise out of our darkest shadows, and illustrates this statement through his journey of radical self-love and healing after painful, traumatic experiences.  The Art of Choosing Love episodes are one of many ways Adam shares his realizations and reconciliations after his loving partnership of 9 and ½ years ended.  It is an emotionally all-encompassing story of his healing journey – highs, lows, and everything in between. By being fully himself and modeling authentic and raw vulnerability, Adam illuminates the path to powerfully choose and discover what it means to truly love.

If you look back on your journey, where have you felt the most pain, suffering, sadness, or loss?  Where have you perceived weakness or confusion? By giving yourself permission to share all parts of you, you are bringing awareness to those darker places to create different choices and honoring yourself in the process.  

You are the Priority  

Social media tends to only show the snapshot seconds of our joyous moments and paints a false picture of the full spectrum of the human experience.  Adam saw how confusing and overwhelming the saturated messages from social media were, and chose to model the behaviors he wished to see in the world instead of just telling people what to do and how to live.

He prioritizes self-love by choosing not run from himself anymore.  Personal development is not always a path of sunshine and rainbows and will likely bring up the scariest parts of you, all the places you’ve pushed away or numbed out.  By prioritizing experiences with safe containers to express yourself, you are respecting your unique process and letting the misaligned aspects of your life fall away. When you love yourself enough to say “no more” to anything that dampens your creative expression, you are on track to deeper alignment and love.  



On February 7th, Adam is launching a new video course called “Unlock Your Inner Artist” in partnership with Superhero Academy.  This course is the creative process that he uses to create all of his art.  This course is for anyone wanting to unleash their creativity and express their truest self.

He’s giving away one course for a lucky winner! To enter, sign up here.







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