Ep300: Book Writing and Branding with Entrepreneur and Author Technologist Scott Turman

Ep300: Book Writing and Branding with Entrepreneur and Author Technologist Scott Turman

When you wanna make it big, you need to make a memorable impression on the world; give the audience an introduction that really marks your presence. Branding is the name of the game, and for author and tech entrepreneur Scott Turman, there’s no better way to put your brand in the spotlight than getting published.

Being the co-founder of BrightRay Publishing, Scott and his team have helped millionaires, artists, and promising talents pull the stories out of their heads and onto the page. He makes it a point that success is always worth publishing and that getting the word out is best done “by the book”.

“Typically, as a creative, maybe you’re just trying to get that word out, a book is a fantastic way of doing that,” Scott says.

Scott understands the difficulties of book writing, but through experience and working with his team, he shares with us a formula that eases that first step of making a best seller. 

What is the point of this book?

Throughout his work with the BrightRay company, Scott and his team have worked with millionaires, organization leaders and various artists. He mentions that despite their different stories the purpose of the book needs to be established; they may fall into different categories, but each one has a reason for publishing their story.

The Chapter Outline

Oftentimes, having little direction is better than having none at all. It can be overwhelming to view ourselves writing a book, so Scott encourages us to establish an outline before the writing process can begin.

Here, he and his team, functioning as consultants, guide their interviewee or subject from start, middle and finish. It is yet to be written but the idea that the work could be accomplished is getting clearer and clearer.

One Chapter a Week

Once the main point of the book has been established and the outline laid out, writing can truly begin. Here we shift our focus to—instead of writing a great book—we will pour our heart out to writing the best sentence, paragraph and chapter, then repeating it again the next week.

It is often at this stage that a lot of us lose motivation since it can be exhausting to write creatively on a daily basis, which is why doing it with a team of people like Scott’s makes sticking to the task a lot easier.

And finally, before leaving the show, Scott emphasizes that even when your book gets published, your story doesn’t end there. The whole appeal of becoming an author is to elevate your brand and endorse yourself to the world.

“Personal branding, in my opinion, is the act of shaping how people experience you.”

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