Ep299: Curating a Purpose-Driven Life While Making a Positive Impact on the Go with Entrepreneur and Travel Maverick Mike Savas

Ep299: Curating a Purpose-Driven Life While Making a Positive Impact on the Go with Entrepreneur and Travel Maverick Mike Savas

Often, we are told that contentment brings happiness but if we are not careful with preserving that drive within ourselves, contentment could lead to stagnation, and for Entrepreneur and Positivity Influencer Michael Savas, that drive means everything.

First establishing his roots as a Tour Director, Savas had a taste of what it was like to travel and hop from place to place. Working in the Music and concert industry, he has had the chance to tour the globe with the likes of Oprah, Guns N Roses, Queen + Adam Lambert, Michael Buble, Genesis, Cat Stevens, Britney Spears, Coldplay, WWE and so many others. For someone who’s passionate about travel, you’d think this was enough to quench his craving for life, but Savas knew there was a way to make it better.

“I always thought that I’d get paid to travel,” he said, “that’s what I kept telling myself… for a while I was a Tour Director, meaning I took people on their vacations around the world having nothing to do with rock n’ roll. I realized that was an entertaining job, but it wasn’t something that met my personal marker of success—travel, makes more money to make a bigger impact on people and communities.”

After having spent time employed and on the road, Savas set up a checklist that all needed to line up before he could live the lifestyle he has now. He shares with us these indicators that led him to pursue a more exciting and fulfilling purpose.


This is our most valuable resource as you can never get it back. Having time to pursue your passion, on top of making a living—having a job or running a business—is your first priority. 

In his current project, Month in the Making where he learns 12 skills in 12 months in 12 countries, Savas describes it as a project that’s 15 years in the making since his past efforts have been made to prepare him for this undertaking.

Think about where you are now, and what you can do to prepare yourself for that future lifestyle you are dreaming of.


Savas describes this as primarily money, and knowledge. We not only need to know where to get money but also how to spend it in a way that is meaningful to our passion. Like many others, Savas was also broke in his 20s and partially in debt, but he found jobs in fields that involved travel and this broadened his understanding of that field.


Savas noted that autonomy is different from freedom, as he says that “Having boundaries and obstacles is what makes life interesting.” He adds that autonomy means making our own decisions and being accountable for them.

Having established his own business and platform, Savas found that he was able to set his own time schedule, set his own destination, and undertake projects that mattered to him.


Lastly, Savas mentioned that this was an element that he had ignorantly missed until it was pointed out to him. He noted that over the break caused by COVID-19, he has been working on himself and maintaining an active lifestyle. Taking care of our health means giving ourselves more time, and broadening our knowledge, and having more autonomy since our physical body remains capable.

Sharing his story with us Savas encourages listeners to pursue a life of travelling but also to make an impact on the lives of others.

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