Ep301: Believing in the 1% Chance with Women Empower X CEO and Inspirational Speaker Alexa Carlin

Ep301: Believing in the 1% Chance with Women Empower X CEO and Inspirational Speaker Alexa Carlin

When you’ve been dealt a bad hand in life and your chances of success add up to 1%, most of us settle for an alternative, but for Women Empower X CEO Alexa Carlin, failure is guaranteed for those who do not try.

Whether it’s about working towards an impossible goal or surviving a near-death experience, Alexa knows what it’s like to hang on to that 1%. For her, the odds stacked against you are stepping stones that set you up for success.

“I am a big believer that you need to put yourself in that small 1% chance because you deserve that.”

From the early age of 17, she had a passion for turning dreams into reality and bringing out the true potential in people. Her work ethic and dedication to the grind originate from the lessons she learned after her recovery.

After being diagnosed with a bacterial infection that left her with 24 hours to live, she was sent into a medically induced coma. Having been this close to death with a slim chance to survive, the experience left her with a firm belief that you should never let a chance slip away. To her, fate only accounts for half the job, and taking control over what you can, both physically and mentally, is paramount in making your big break.

“Hope is not a strategy and you can’t control someone else’s opinion about you, but you can control how much you prepare, how knowledgeable you are, and how confident you feel.”

But how does one “take control”? Alexa makes it a point that all control starts from within by becoming in-tune with your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

She doesn’t expect us to learn how to take control immediately, it did take her a long time to really grasp the concept herself, but she does emphasize the importance of taking the time to understand what is and isn’t in your hands, ultimately taking responsibility for your life and your future.

“You have to be consciously aware of the thoughts that you think, and understand that we’re all human and you’re not going to be perfect all the time. I have to remind myself to recognize where these feelings are coming from.”

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