Ep285: Choosing To Be Who You’re Meant To Be with Mindset Coach Miro Heyink

Ep285: Choosing To Be Who You’re Meant To Be with Mindset Coach Miro Heyink

When you don’t know where you belong, mindset coach and philanthropist, Miro Heyink, believes that the universe will always find a way to set a path for you.

Miro Heyink is the Founder of Manifest X, a community for high-performing conscious entrepreneurs to turn their wildest business dreams into reality.

Although a mentor for impact-driven entrepreneurs, and a proud, loving dad, Miro has overcome many challenges to reach where he is today.

Born to a fatherless home in Germany, Miro has experienced taking all the wrong roads – selling drugs, joining gangs, even encountering a near-death experience before even reaching the age of 18. It was when he was at the lowest point of his life were his goals became clear as he reached what he calls his “elevator moment”.

“It was in that moment, with my nose broken and my black eye, that I had my elevator moment where I decided to follow my dream.”

Moving to America with no citizenship or support, the world seemed to make a way for him despite the odds. Rather than telling himself to find a regular job, Miro decided to pursue his wildest dreams of becoming an entrepreneur in a foreign land and has since built a community that provides the same support he was looking for years ago.

“If you’re around four donkeys, you’re going to be the fifth…having that community that believes in you and supports you is so important.”

“The way the universe works,” he says, “is that we can either experience through these harsh, traumatic moments that put us back into our path or through a way more intentional and conscious alignment”

Now, Miro has devoted his time to helping aspiring entrepreneurs make their wildest business ideas come true. Whether it’s regular people hoping to make it far or NFL superstars who want to take their career to the next level, Miro’s goal is to give them the proper support and mindset to make the most out of the life they have and the path that they’ve taken

“You are allowed to be all that you are meant to be and truly have it all.”

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