Ep286: Growth Through Connections with Women’s Business League founders Melissa Gilbo and Amy Pocsik

Ep286: Growth Through Connections with Women’s Business League founders Melissa Gilbo and Amy Pocsik

As the saying goes, “if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, bring company.” This couldn’t be truer for the dynamic duo, Melissa Gilbo and Amy Pocsik, founders of the Women’s Business League.

They could have lived a good life with their stable careers in finance and loving families to support them, but a fateful encounter at a local pizza shop in Georgetown, Massachusetts led them to abandon their six-figure state of mind to pursue the unconventional life that they live today.

Building around trust, they made a community that was aimed at encouraging and empowering women to be the big shots that they were meant to be; providing a network of support, business connections, and the educational tools for success. 

“We decided to really build the table that we wanted to sit around,” Amy described, “total powerhouse women who were up to big things and making a big impact.”

Amy and Melissa believe that relationships shape the business and not the other way around. Putting fellowship first, building on their connections, and putting the work boots down, is the key to the success of their community.

“If you focus on generating value for others, it’s going to come back to you and your business 10-fold,” Amy said.

Melissa added that “The commonality in what women are looking for is that authentic community and those real relationships.”

Now, with an expanding network of members and a power-house team, the Women’s Business League isn’t just a legacy by the duo, but as Melissa puts it, they have made a message to anyone and everyone who has a dream and the drive, that we are better together.

“The heart of Women’s Business League and the focus of these chapters is all about connection and relationship building.”

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