Ep284: Publish Your Passion with Author Entrepreneur Jesse Kreiger

Ep284: Publish Your Passion with Author Entrepreneur Jesse Kreiger

Sharing your talent with the world is a great way to put it to good use; whether it’s in music and arts, lifestyle, or finance, there is an audience who would love to hear about it. But if you’re having trouble finding the right words, Business author and Entrepreneur, Jesse Kreiger tells us how he learned how to publish his passion and help others write their own success story.

Starting a music label was the first step Jesse took into the world of Business. Today, his simple dreams of making music have grown into a mission. Now he helps aspiring entrepreneurs make the most out of their passion by putting it into words.

“I can connect the dots or I can see how music, entrepreneurship, travel and languages all blend together to create—and allow me to support authors, in a way that many say is very impactful, in some cases [even] profound.”

He explains that the trick to writing starts with retelling the process of your growth. He says that simplifying it into steps makes it easier to follow through.

“Think of the mechanism you currently use to get results with your clients, what is your process and chunk that down to a number of steps.”

He stresses how entrepreneurs and people with business experience should explore the benefits of becoming a published author.

“This should be helpful for anybody that has business experience that doesn’t consider themselves a writer or an author per se.” He points out, “that it shouldn’t be a limiting factor to becoming a publisher, and having a great book.” 

Jesse also discusses his process for writing by saying “Think of it like when you first onboard a new client,” he says, “what do they need to know to get started? Then how do you help them shift? What’s the benefit of the product or the experience that you provide?”

He advises business owners to treat writing like another day in the shop, “You are mirroring your own customer journey, and telling them something valuable in the process.”

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