Elevate Your Brand: Creating a 5-Star Customer Experience

Elevate Your Brand: Creating a 5-Star Customer Experience

Dafy Smith is the founder of Timescape, a company that creates bespoke vacations and gives you “once-in-a-lifetime” experiences.  Their New Years Eve event, Racing Time, takes 44 elite clientele around the world to celebrate New Years Eve not once, but twice. With a background in finances and tourism, and a Masters in International Relations, this multi-talented woman leaves no stone unturned.  For more information: https://www.timescapejourneys.com/  

In Dafy’s episode you will learn…

  • How Dafy makes her clientele feel like royalty
  • How to listen to your guests and consistently exceed expectations
  • How to actualize your visions and creative ideas
  • How it just takes one person to change your life

After being in the hospitality industry for 6+ years myself, I appreciated Dafy’s emphasis on attention to detail and going above and beyond for clientele.  Having the ability to readily anticipate guests needs and listen beyond what is being asked is a true skill and something you can cultivate through practice.

What else does Dafy suggest to enhance your customer relations?

Listen Beyond The Words.

To stand out in this day and age you have to constantly be listening for people’s pain points and innovate from sought after solutions.  There are thousands of events that people are invited to every single day. Why should someone choose your offering over another experience?

You have to ask questions and listen to feedback.  Guests need to feel that they are heard. Each request you follow through on will effectively increase rapport and build trust.

Find What’s Available and Innovate.

Dafy provides immense value in her suggestions for tourism and hospitality.  With Racing Time, Timescape has curated an experience that leaves nothing behind.  Celebrating New Years Eve twice is unheard of, and yet, she’s making it possible for 44 elite members invested in more than just an experience of a lifetime.  A percentage of the profits will be going towards raising money for underprivileged schools and planting trees to create a wider scope of impact.

Dafy shares that she does things that move her, that help her network, interest her, and bring her pleasure. There is always something special that you can incorporate into your events.  Ask people in your network what they’d like to see or create something you wish to experience. Find what brings you joy and act from this place.

Think Bigger.

A perfect example of collaboration, Timescape is partnering with The Billionaire Society to pull off Racing Time.  The magnitude of what becomes possible increases exponentially when multiple visionaries come together to create. When you dream big, you give other dreamers permission to think bigger.  

By creating experiences that activate change by nature of presence, such as Racing Time or Unconventional Life, people feel that they matter through the care and quality given by the hosts.  In a world where we are constantly taken from, it makes it that much more impactful when you give 200%.




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