The Keys to Mastering Wealth Consciousness

The Keys to Mastering Wealth Consciousness

Billionaire PA is the founder of Wealthy Minds, a motivational platform whose message is that anyone can create wealth, no matter what their current circumstances, by harnessing the power of their mind and manifestation. Billionaire is also a speaker and author of two published books, including My Mind is Wealthy.

In this episode, Billionaire shares:

    • How he went from two-time convicted felon, turned down from 150+ jobs, and homeless to founder, author, and motivational speaker.
    • How to cultivate a profound sense of inner joy and contentment, independent of external conditions.
    • How to attract more wealth into your life by making a few shifts in mindset and habit.

Lessons to take away from this episode:

Don’t Seek Happiness; Seek Joy.

While many of us use the words “joy” and “happiness” interchangeably, Billionaire makes an important distinction between the two: happiness is dependent on present circumstances, but joy is not. Moreover, happiness is an emotional state, but joy is an outlook on life that is rooted in a zen-like acceptance of what is. That is why when we pursue happiness, we can never seem to sustain it for very long. But when we pursue joy, we rest in a sense of contentment in all circumstances.

A wise teacher once said, “build your house upon the rock,” for only a fool builds his house upon the sand. In other words, source your contentment from things that have a stable quality to them. Seek to be content even when things are not going your way. If your contentedness is contingent upon a given set of circumstances, you will experience whiplash because life is powerful and unpredictable. “I was joyful when I was homeless, and I’m still joyful now,” Billionaire says.

Choose Your Friends Wisely.

An old Spanish saying goes like this, “dime con quién andas y te diré quién eres.” It means, “tell me who who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.”

This timeless saying communicates the fact that like attracts like. Billionaire says, “If you told me you were broke, I’m sure you could introduce me to five other broke people. If you told me you were a billionaire, I’m sure you could introduce me to five other billionaires.”

Take an honest look at the company you’re keeping. Chances are, your friends and acquaintances are living a life that is in many ways similar to yours. If you’re not satisfied with that life, do something about it. Billionaire says, “Whenever I see a group I don’t want to be anything like I get away from it because I don’t want them to transmit their beliefs to me.”

Action Step:

A quick hack to “upgrade” your company is to have dinner at a fancy restaurant you dream of being able to afford on a regular basis. Even if you can’t afford to eat there right now, you can afford to drink water there; water is free. While you’re there, you’ll enter into a new sphere of conversations among a constellation of wealthy people. You may even make a valuable connection or receive an actionable piece of advice.