EP:180 How Automation Creates More Sales, with Innovate Fast Creator, Robin Alex

EP:180 How Automation Creates More Sales, with Innovate Fast Creator, Robin Alex

The behavior of customers has shifted drastically in the past 20 years. Historically, you would watch an ad on tv or hear about something in the newspaper or radio and that was pretty much all the information you had on the product.

Now, with more products and consumerism in your face than ever before, you as a customer are able to do your due diligence before making a purchase. By looking at reviews, checking stats on social media and vetting out the business before you subscribe, not only saves you money but also provides you with the exact service you are looking for. 

On the flip side, if you are a business owner, it’s crucial to accurately track interest in your product, allowing you to close the sale quickly and effectively.

This week on the Unconventional Life show is Robin Alex, the creator behind Innovate Fast, a company that helps businesses scale by increasing revenue and exposure via digital marketing techniques and automation software called “Go High Level”.

In this episode, Robin shares how automation can connect the dots, and lead to exceptionally high conversion rates.

Automate the communication + speed the lead

Automation is the bread and butter of Robin’s business. In order to track clients user experience and find where customers are falling through the gaps, the company needs to know what is happening at each step of the customer journey. The speed also matters as people lose interest quickly if you wait two weeks to follow up, your business will likely be forgotten.

For many companies, the goal within the first steps is to obtain a name and email or phone number. Of course, people will never give that information away, but they will trade it for added value.

Here are steps on how you can add value into peoples lives while warming them up into your funnel, and towards your desired conversion.

  1. Opt-in – A video that teases curiosity and self-discovery. 
  2. Engagement with a micro commitment – this could be with a free e-book, video series, quiz, etc where users are inclined to submit their name and email address for this free offering. 
  3. Schedule to an appointment – follow up and aim to set up short a 1-1 10 min call to answer any questions and see if your product is a great fit for the customer. 
  4. Show up to a consultation – Tracking who shows up and who reschedules
  5. Get the close – A well-written enrollment script that focuses on solving the problems the customer is facing. 

Figuring out where the gaps are is huge in your business model because you will know what exact step of your funnel to focus on.  If you are bringing clients through steps 1-4 but are losing them on step 5 then you and your team would benefit knowing what is the correct language is to close a sale or how to handle bigger questions and concerns. 

Creating content

Robin shares that videos explaining your service are the best way to capture someone’s attention vs static banner ads on Google. You need to create thumb stopper content and statically only have 3 seconds to do this before viewership drops off.  If you have an intro song or animation at the opening of your video this could be the reason why you are losing customers and sales are not converting. 

What does take to convert a client? 

The pitfall that Robin see’s most businesses doing is that they feel like they have the best product or service but don’t explain it well, they just imagine that people will want their services immediately. The solution to this is to educate your customers from many different angles. 

Start by writing down every single objection or question that you have ever heard about your product or service then create content that answers and solves those problems or objections one by one. 

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By Lisa- Renne Delwo