Millennials, Stop Using Business Cards And Do This Instead

Millennials, Stop Using Business Cards And Do This Instead

Taryn: I started knowing maybe two years ago that I wanted to switch my YouTube content, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it and I was still in a growth phase with my channel and it was too scary to figure it out. Once I reached a plateau and my channel was no longer growing with what I was doing I realized, this is the time. Sometimes it’s not as easy as just switching, sometimes you have to put things out, see how something resonates, get your messaging down like what do I want to say to the world, how do I care to articulate what I care about?

Jules: How can content creators keep a success-oriented mindset?

Taryn: Keep track of your small wins along the way to know you’re on the right path. If I had just been losing the entire time, I would have probably seen that as a sign that I needed to do something different. Have a startup mentality—if something’s not working, you need to pivot.

Jules: What do you believe is the key to living a life that’s aligned?

Taryn: To live a life that’s aligned and feels purposeful, you can’t expect to wake up every morning and feel that. It’s going to be hard. I encourage people to not get down by the dips because the dips are an absolutely necessary part of it. Go after the thing that even with the heartaches and the negatives you’re still willing to wake up every morning to do. There’s risk in wanting to wake up and ask, is what I’m doing making me happy? Because if you are constantly saying that every single morning inevitably you’re going to go through a rough period and if that’s your barometer you might quit. I think the question is, can you see yourself doing something else and is the pain worth the gain?

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