Millennials, Don’t Make These Mistakes When Starting A Business Online

4. You Don’t Have A Support Community. 550,000 new people become entrepreneurs each month. Many of them join online communities to learn tips and strategies to accelerate their growth. As the founder of a Facebook community for online entrepreneurs, Elkins can attest to the value within these groups. “I am hyper in-tune with what my fellow entrepreneurs needs are and I am able to meet them there every step of the way. We deal with the multi-faceted aspects of becoming an online entrepreneur. I am very committed to building 1-1 relationships with as many people as I can in my community so I can create solutions for them really instantly,” Elkins says. Consider joining some of the most popular online Facebook communities to receive meaningful guidance and support.

5. You’re Not Reaching Out To Press. Getting featured in a major media publication can help boost your credibility and seal the deal for prospective clients to work with you. But how do you secure a press feature? Elkins says the key is to start small and work your way up the ladder. If you can get a small media outlet to feature you, it can serve as credibility for a bigger media outlet to share your story. “Put yourself out there and make an effort. You’ll get the exposure from a group of people who obviously trust you because this publication trusted you. Every time I do that I sign clients and am able to bring new people into my community,” Elkins says.

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