From Stay-at-Home Mom to 6 Figures: How Leah McHenry Hacked the Music Industry

From Stay-at-Home Mom to 6 Figures: How Leah McHenry Hacked the Music Industry

Leah McHenry is paving a new way in the music industry by combining business and music. She’s eradicating this idea of the “starving artist” by sharing how to target “micro-niche” markets through strategies she has successfully applied to her own music. She founded the Savvy Musician Academy to help other artists and musicians step into their creativity and do it in a profitable way. She has over 450k followers on Facebook and has created multiple 6 figure businesses in just a few years. To top it off, Leah hosts the Savvy Musician Show podcast and is the mom of 5 kids, that she homeschools!

In Leah’s episode, you will learn…

  • What a superfan is and why you should care about them
  • How to discover your “micro-niche”
  • How to effectively incentivize your audience
  • And so much more…

Making music on the weekends and in the fleeting moments of free time as a mother of five homeschooled kids, Leah was experiencing so much stress when times were tough at work for her husband.  She began to ask what she could contribute while she was at home. Scouring the internet led her to the typical musician advice, if you wanna be successful you gotta go on tour…

Instead of feeling stopped the dead end searches, Leah chose to study internet marketing and applied the practices to her music business.  She saw how business and music could overlap, and quickly went to the drawing board. When people started asking her what she was doing, she decided to create an ebook to sell.  Eventually, her journey asked her to create a course, which skyrocketed into success upon launch. Literally, exploding overnight in late 2015.

From barely known artist to accruing thousands of fans, Leah exemplifies that anything is possible and that there is always a way to success.  

What do you need to do to catalyze your own success?

Create What You Need In Your Life

When Leah began this journey, she was filling a gap in the market for herself.  She couldn’t find what she needed to catalyze her music career, so she made it. In creating the programs for herself, she found that she was able to effectively articulate the pain points of her customers.  It was almost as if she was reading their minds. By calling out the elephant in the room, she could quickly build rapport and create resonance with her audience.

What have you been wanting more of in your life?  What do you struggle with? Find what’s missing and build what you need.  By intimately knowing your own pain points, you can curate solutions that will help more than just yourself.  There is a high likelihood that thousands of other people feel the same way, and they need your help to solve the puzzle.

Find Your “Micro-Niche”

It took Leah three years to realize that there was such a thing as her “micro-niche”.  When she finally figured out her musical identity, she was able to stand out in a big way.  Leah emphasizes, “be a big fish in a small pond!”. With so much noise on the internet and social media it can be challenging to push through, but by honing in on a very specific group of people you’ll establish yourself in a much more effective way.  Leah could not stress this key element of her success more. She gives this example…

  1. Rock music (Umbrella Genre)
  2. Alternative rock  (Sub Genre)
  3. Singer-songwriter alternative rock (Niche)
  4. Gospel singer-songwriter alternative rock (MICRO-NICHE!)

Voila! This is the way to success.  Alleviate the search game for your fans.  Think about keywords and check your SEO to help you discover your “micro-niche”. Be specific, don’t just find a bunch of keywords.  What is your special twist? Discover all the ways you might be different from what is already being offered and work from there.

Speak to the Superfan

What is a “superfan” you might ask?  This is someone who absolutely LOVES everything you do.  They are customers that come back and want whatever you have to offer.  It’s not difficult to offer them products and programs because they are already on board for whatever you do.  These are the die-hard Star Wars fans, the Harry Potter enthusiasts, the James Bond devotees, etc. This group is where you have lifetime value and where you can focus on your long term relationships.  Leah suggests focusing your attention on the superfans and increase the number of things that they might enjoy to increase your overall revenue. If these people want what you have, find ways to increase your ability to give it to them.  


Leah is giving away her “Behind the Scenes of a Six-Figure Music Business” PDF where she takes you through the major pillars that are needed in order to succeed in the New Music Industry and scale what you’re doing to six-figures and beyond.  Enter into the drawing here.

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