How to Lead with Love and Be A Part of International Women’s Day with Global Sisterhood

Lauren Elizabeth Walsh is the CEO and Co-founder of Global Sisterhood, a platform for rising women and a worldwide movement of Sister Circles. The organization also provides transformational content and tools for self-growth.  Lauren is passionate about the liberation of the divine feminine, healing wounds between men and women, and has helped thousands of women in over 85 countries to know their work and rise into their purpose and power.  With International Women’s Day coming up on March 8th, Global Sisterhood invites women and men to come together to heal, connect, and create new possibilities for future generations.

In Lauren’s episode, you will learn…

  • What a Sister Circle is and how to start or find one to join
  • How her healing journey led to creating a global movement
  • How she’s designed an organization that honors the feminine
  • And much more…


Healing the Divide, Every Step Counts…Here’s How Global Sisterhood is Changing the Narrative:

In just the past few years, we’ve started to hear the vivid stories of injustice that were once silenced or ignored, the “Me Too” movement has spread like wildfire, and surfacing traumas have initiated women worldwide to speak up and share their painful experiences.  With bottled up emotions and shame finally getting overdue air time, the magnitude of variant orientations has been manifested and expressed at times with immense charge or trigger. And while these terrible acts occurred for many, many years before receiving rightfully deserved attention, the awareness is finally asking the world to take a serious look at how we’ve oriented towards masculinity and femininity, not necessarily just gender, but an overhaul of what we deem as acceptable ways to treat one another as a global society.  

According to Walsh, it’s not one man or woman’s fault but the fault of many years ago.  A disproportionate valuing of the masculine orientation towards life over a more feminine or balanced perspective that in turn created structures and systems that favor a certain way of living life.  This certain way of living tends to position women in feeling not enough, wrong, or undervalued for who they are and what they can tangibly “bring to the table”. Whether silently resenting, angry, abused, shamed, or any flavor of damage in this global wound between women and men, there is much work to be done however you view the story or situation.

In Walsh’s case, her pain presented itself in many different ways.  From abusive relationships to a lack of supportive women in her life, she shares,  “I think the hardest part of what I went through wasn’t necessarily the trauma from men or boys which was significant, it was the fact that I didn’t feel like I had women or girls that had my back and that would stand by me or just  knew how to stand by me”. As a young girl, she felt a lot of shame about who she was, didn’t believe in herself, and felt very much alone a lot of the time. She would learn to heal from this downward spiral and change the way she thought about life and her power.  Her path was by no means immediately focused on creating a worldwide movement of women coming together in a circle. In reclaiming her own femininity, she began to see how vital her purpose in changing the narrative was for women. Instead of comparing, judging, and competing with women, she would choose to expose the actions she wasn’t proud of to a hundred woman at the Texas State Capitol when she was invited to speak a peace prayer.  Sharing the shadow of being a woman inspired a man to ask her to continue leading woman, healing their traumas and empowering them into their purpose. Walsh’s vulnerability inspired others to claim their own shadow and choose new actions. She is a shining example of an empowered woman living her mission to help others do the same together.

With humility and grace, Walsh wants women to know that they are not wrong for the way they feel. By coming together and supporting women globally, Global Sisterhood is a platform to inspire women to lift each other up and be advocates of a more compassionate, understanding world.  

No act of love is too small.  Whether it’s noticing the negative thoughts you’re having about another woman and shifting your commentary or acknowledging your pain in such a way as to not damage or diminish, but create awareness for new choice and change, there are infinite ways to heal the divide.  There is not necessarily a right or wrong way, but an opportunity to learn how we can better be with our feelings, our emotions, our experiences, and our perspectives. In all honesty, there has never really been a “How to Effectively Be a Human” manual, let alone how to be feminine or masculine.  Sure, there are morals and values that our respective societies tend to celebrate and share, but there is not a one-size-fits-all model that everyone knows how to follow or respond to. To have compassion and be authentically honest with ourselves, is a step in the right direction. We are all in this learning process together.  

There is something beautiful, something to celebrate, something to shift your perspective in each and every person on this planet.  First, come together, choose compassion, choose to listen, choose love, and choose to learn from the past to make different choices for the future.  

Join thousands of women on March 8th for International Women’s Day!  

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