How to Travel the World For Free While Getting Top Hotels to Pay You with Instagram Influencer Zach Benson

How to Travel the World For Free While Getting Top Hotels to Pay You with Instagram Influencer Zach Benson

Zach Benson is the founder of Assistagram, an Instagram growth agency that reaches a network of 500M+ across its Instagram accounts. Assistagram has engineered the social media strategy behind top-tier brands like The Four Seasons and The Ritz Carlton.  He is also the founder of Tribe Influencer, an online course designed specifically for those wanting to learn how to become an official travel and lifestyle influencer.

In Zach’s podcast, you will learn…

    • How he gets paid to travel the world
    • Why he is compelled to help people through Instagram
    • How to boost your numbers and expand your network
    • And much more…

“Content is king. It’s always going to be king, and with great content comes crazy growth”

If you’re one of Zach’s followers on Instagram, you may have seen some of the luxury hotels he’s been paid to stay at.  With over 300+ free nights under his belt, it’s easy to see why Zach is the best in the world at travel hacking.  While he may not be the first to discover travel hacking (think earning points for flights through credit cards), he’s found a way to offer immense value while experiencing the richness and wonder of resorts across the globe.

Hotels are always in need of exposure, new content, perspective, tools and efficiency tricks.  In recent years, hotels have been selling out months in advance because of Instagram and influencer marketing.  By offering exposure and placement in travel pages, influencers have found a way to leverage their gifts within the hospitality industry.

Founding two companies, Assistagram and Tribe Influencer, Zach has seen the wildfire growth that happens with great content and strategic systems.  Dedicated to helping others be the savvy influencers they were born to be, Zach’s answered a few common questions for you to confidently dive into Instagram and unleash the influencer within.

What is Instagram and why should I use it?

Simply put, Instagram is the most engaging platform in the world for captivating content.  It is perfect for branding and marketing, as it features profiles and photos that span an abundance of different interests.  From puppy pics to product launches, secret getaways to death-defying accomplishments, it’s hard to remember life without this platform.  Whether you want to drool over decadent dishes or scroll the latest news, there is something for everyone to discover and desire.  It’s a hub to be heard on, somewhere people can celebrate and comment on what you want to share.

Adopted from South Korea, Zach grew up in Iowa somewhat confused about his place in this world.  A speech impediment kept him rather quiet for most of his life, and it wasn’t until he found dance that he started to be more confident.  Being able to give back and help people find their voice to speak to the world is one of the biggest reasons Zach loves Instagram so much — he’s found a way to continuously provide value and enrich the experience for more than just himself in the process. 

I don’t have a big following, where do I start?

If you don’t have a big account yet, don’t worry.  Focus on your strengths, what can you provide?  Zach recommends just getting into action.  For his travel hacking, he chooses a place he wants to stay and reaches out at least a month before.  His focus is 4-5 star hotels.  He sends an email and will follow up as needed.   When Zach is pitching these hotels, he is committed to finding a win-win, and most of all offering tons of value.  You may hear some ‘no’s’, but keep going. 

Zach also suggests helping out other big accounts, building relationships with others in your field of interest, and asking if you can help leverage their accounts. 

How can I boost my network?

It’s all about posting epic content.  The more engagement you have with your audience the better.  A quick tip for those just starting out — repost viral content that others have posted.  Begin with the end in mind and learn what your target audience responds well to.  Zach advises mastering the basics.  Create captivating content, research hashtags, and join engagement groups.  The more your research the basics, the better.





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