How to Cultivate the Confidence You Need to Build Your Empire

How to Cultivate the Confidence You Need to Build Your Empire

Lady Colleen Glaeser is a powerhouse woman and self-made millionaire.  She is the owner and operator of 3 companies, and started her first company when she was just 22.  She is also the only female to serve on the board of international directors for the Russian Software Company – AxxonSoft.

We caught up with Lady Colleen during Unconventional Life South Africa while we staying at her hidden paradise, Karkloof Safari Villas, earlier this year.  

In Lady Colleen’s episode, you will learn:

  • Why confidence is key to pioneering your own path
  • How to kick your daily stressors with a dose of self-acceptance
  • How personal integrity is vital for a thriving business and network
  • And so much more…

Inspired Insights from Lady Colleen’s episode:

The Relationship You Have with Yourself is #1   

When I first met Lady Colleen, I was instantly present to the confidence this woman exuded.  She clearly walks her talk and firmly believes that everything comes back to confidence. With a lifetime of achievement and success, this mentality has enabled her with the ability to continuously perform and execute no matter the circumstances.  

At the end of the day, you are your own life partner, soulmate, and partner-in-crime.  When you’re caught up in a swirl of fear or anxiety, go look in the mirror and remind yourself that you are more than capable of crushing your goals and living the life you truly deserve.  

Accomplish More Through Creativity

Listening to Lady Colleen inspired me to find creative ways to tap into my confidence reserves.  She shared that she has a collection of brooches that symbolize her mood and are worn for each respective event in her life.  I particularly enjoyed hearing about the back-to-back tigers brooch representing that she has lots of meeting and will be busy all day.  By giving the people in her life a nonverbal heads up, I can see how this purposeful symbol would have intentional rippling effects on her confidence to accomplish efficiently.  

What nonverbal symbols could you use to communicate your needs ahead of time to your coworkers?  Bonus points if you use something you love to send a message.

When in Doubt, Be Yourself

If you’re caught worrying about what others are doing, remember that you have a unique gift you have to give the world.  Pave your own path, create your own trends, and be confident in all you do. Lady Colleen’s brief experience working for someone else was enough to cement her desire to be her own boss.  By designing her life to her expectations, she’s been able to continuously thrive and commit to personal integrity over everything. She continuously comes back to prioritizing the relationship with yourself, no matter what. Are you changing yourself to fit into a role or paving a path that inspires you to continuously be 100% you?  Be yourself, the rest will follow.


 Amelia Broughton is a relational facilitator and purveyor of connection, pioneering a more connected, communication-savvy, and emotionally intelligent planet. She facilitates Authentic Relating and Relational Leadership in various settings and communities. Her expertise is in team dynamics and interpersonal relations. With over 10 years of experience on teams and in communities, Amelia’s vision for the world is one of beautiful interconnection, a place where we put down the distractions and to-do lists to bask in the miracles that surround us. The type of connection that nourishes us internally, externally and has every one of us feel seen, heard and loved with a true sense of belonging.  An active Unconventional Life member, Amelia recently became our Operations Director and will be consistently contributing her writing.