How to Live an Unstoppable Life with 11-Year-Old Fashion Designer, Hanalei Swan

How to Live an Unstoppable Life with 11-Year-Old Fashion Designer, Hanalei Swan

Hanalei Swan is an 11-year-old fashion designer, artist, international speaker, world traveler, creator of HS Styles, and founder of Unstoppable Kids.  An elementary school dropout on a mission to change the world through slow fashion, Hanalei supports kids around the world to actualize their dreams, not just someday in the future, but right now.     

In Hanalei’s episode, you will learn…

  • How she is changing the world through slow fashion
  • How to strip away conventional programming to discover your own wisdom
  • The vital importance of education for our future
  • And much more…


Do you remember being asked as a kid, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Some of you might remember that question and laugh, wondering where the younger version of you got those fun ideas.  Or perhaps, you’re more like Hanalei, and you chose to take action as fast as you could on said future dreams.

At the ripe age of 7 years old, Hanalei was asked: “what do you want to be now?” Her response to this question redirected her future someday self into taking immediate action.  She’d been traveling around the world with her parents since the age of 1 and had always loved art and drawing. Through a serendipitous meeting at a restaurant in Bali, Hanalei and her parents would meet a fashion designer who would be instantly taken by Hanalei and her fashion sketches.  

It was in this moment that Hanalei would declare herself as a fashion designer, ultimately stepping into her greater mission to change the world through slow fashion.

The Power of Your Mission

The more I listened to Hanalei share her story, the deeper I felt the magnitude of her belief in herself and her mission. This little lady is devoted to all that is important to her.  The fashion industry is the 2nd largest contributor of waste on our planet, and Hanalei is doing everything she can to reverse these side effects through consciously chosen products and sustainable manufacturing practices.  For every item purchased, she also gives a school uniform to kids in India, ensuring they can go to school to get the education they need to continue positively impacting a world that needs them.

What can others count on you for?  What are you doing to have a greater impact in your industry?  What shift could immediately shake up the status quo for positive change?  Where are you giving more instead of consuming? Notice where your mission could be of benefit and apply your contribution to the health of our planet.  

Action Over Uncertainty

Hanalei is a firm believer that there is always an immediate action you can take to make your dreams your reality.  When I met her in Bali, I was immediately struck by her “let’s do this” attitude. She is ready and willing to do whatever it takes to execute and show up, shining brightly.  Her brilliance is seen in how she is choosing to impact millions of people through empowering and inspiring them to dream bigger and challenge everything that societal conditioning has told them to push away or shut down.

Whatever may be inhibiting you from taking action on your dreams, let Hanalei’s words address the programming that has potentially distracted you from diving into the depths of your potential.  Don’t let conventional wisdom imprison you. Discover your own internal wisdom and give yourself permission to pave the path that is uniquely yours.

The world is waiting to see what your limited edition dreams are.





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