We’re taught to reach for the stars. Most advice tells us to envision a grand, sweeping success story. Yet, big dreams don’t happen overnight. True success takes dedication to self-improvement and consistent efforts to reach the goal. Speaking of goals, it can be not only one but a diverse set of goals.
Eric Beck is a multi-hyphenate. Aside from being a successful business consultant and systemization expert, he is a non-profit advisor, musician, martial artist, soldier, fitness and wellness advocate, public speaker, and a father of six. Eric passionately shares his insights and guidance through engaging TEDx talks. One of his famous topics is the “Millennial’s Survival Guide.” 

He also delves into the concept of “A Game Worth Playing: Reinventing Our Relationship to Work.” It challenges conventional notions about our connection to our careers. Furthermore, he emphasizes the importance of millennials finding a purposeful path. He says, “Millennials Need a Game Worth Playing.” Eric’s TEDx presentations offer thought-provoking perspectives and actionable advice on these essential subjects.

Special Advice from Eric: How Small Steps, Powerful Stories, and Alignment Fuel Success

As a Business Consultant, Eric emphasizes the power of well-designed systems for success. He offers a wealth of knowledge to revitalize your business and personal life. His tips:

      • The Power of Small Increments. Instead of tackling a goal in one giant leap, break them into bite-sized micro-goals. It helps make progress manageable. Eric paints a vivid picture of this approach with the adage, “It’s the penny that doubles every day.” In other words, it’s about consistent progress rather than facing daunting obstacles head-on.
      • From Micro Goals to Momentum. Begin your journey simply for the sake of doing it. The world often glorifies grandiose and dramatic acts. Contrary, Eric advocates for these micro builds. He humorously dubs “Rapid Visioning,” as the building blocks of sustainable success.
      • Learning from Nature. Eric draws profound inspiration from nature. As trees don’t grow infinitely, they find balance and form. Eric warns against imbalance as a cautionary sign. For every business, you should define its size and scope. How big will your business become? To him, failing to tell your business goal can foreshadow future structural issues.
      • The Power of Storytelling. Eric encourages us to examine the narratives we weave. Are they there to empower or obstruct us? Eric believes that we can change our personal narratives. From being a victim of circumstance, you can be the master of your own destiny. This applies to both personal growth and business success.
      • Connecting the Dots. Aligning with Your Business. Eric offers invaluable advice on creating systems within your business, rooted in storytelling. He encourages entrepreneurs to envision the perfect customer experience. Define the client’s life cycle. Then, transform stories into the bedrock of operational systems.

Aligning for Success

A business can have the most compelling story. But, without alignment among its participants, success remains elusive. To Eric, walking the right path is just as essential as having knowledge and skills to do things. When you’re aligned with your purpose, success naturally follows.

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