Ep297: Making a Path from the Pain with Singer-Songwriter and Breakthrough Coach Adena Sampson

Ep297: Making a Path from the Pain with Singer-Songwriter and Breakthrough Coach Adena Sampson

Our wounds are an opening into the best and most beautiful part of us, the same couldn’t be truer for musician and entrepreneur Adena Sampson. Born with a fragile body and a broken home, Adena learned to value what was whole and let the light seep through the cracks.

A house rarely feels like a home when you grow up in dysfunction. On top of this, Adena also had to deal with Chronic Lyme Disease which added physical pain to the emotional aching. But like many great talents, meeting pain also meant discovering your art, and for Adena, it was music.

Seeing herself in the lost and the broken, she now offers her talents as a musician and her experience as a fellow survivor of trauma to help others find their way and make peace with the cause of their pain. Today, she uses her voice through her albums, books, and mentoring sessions to reach out to thousands of people, spreading a single message – “You are not alone.”

“Because if I’m still standing,” Adena says, “I know that you can too. It is a choice.”

With all the problems she’s heard from people who’ve asked her for help, Adena makes it a point that the reason for most of our problems today originates from the old traumas that we never sorted out. She makes it a point that traumas aren’t always big bundles of burdens, they could also be small insecurities and doubts that your mind unconsciously carries around. She says that dealing with the muck and grime of the past, doesn’t just demand effort but self-love as well.

“A big part of my healing has not just been self-awareness, self-discovery, and self-mastery but truly self-love” Adena stresses, “[This meant] reclaiming my power, taking responsibility for what it is I’m creating in my life.”

Adena knows that the road to getting better isn’t easy, that’s why she emphasizes the need for support and proper guidance to turn your trauma into tools that bring out the best in you. 

“It’s like the more you go through the muck, the more you face the obstacles., the more the obstacles become a path.”

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