Ep296: Investing in the Environment with Environmentalist Entrepreneur and Energea Investments Co-Founder Mike Silvestrini

Ep296: Investing in the Environment with Environmentalist Entrepreneur and Energea Investments Co-Founder Mike Silvestrini

The Earth is one thing we all have in common; whatever we take from this planet is reflected on this shared soil we call a home. So, for environmental philanthropist Mike Silvestrini, giving back to nature is the go-to plan of action.

Co-founder of Energea Investments and the main founder of over 400 renewable energy development projects, Mike is a firm believer that environmentalism and financial conservatism can coexist and that the entrepreneurial lifestyle can be achieved with an environmentalist mindset.

Energea is a renewable energy retail investment platform. Since launching the company’s first solar energy offering in August 2020, Energea has raised more than $65 million to invest in its Africa, Brazil and U.S. portfolios. To date, retail investors have realized a 12.27% IRR.

Prior to Energea, Mike was co-founder and CEO of one of the largest commercial and industrial solar firms in the U.S. He managed multiple renewable energy funds worth more than $500 million in aggregate and oversaw the development of more than 400 renewable energy projects

“We’re trying to show a for-profit approach to our profession and have the result be more good things for the earth.”   

With that in mind, Mike plans to take the market for renewable energy and bring it forward to the public with a vision to make a market that invests in the Earth. And even though today’s current market for renewable energy is pretty big, it’s still trillions of dollars away from the goal he has in mind. Despite this, Mike has faith that humans are an incredible species with boundless potential.

“I’m a big believer that humans are incredibly capable… humans can manage the gaseous content of our atmosphere, I think that we are so capable as a species that we can really do anything.”

The Eco CEO also reminds us that saving the environment and changing the world’s view on sustainable living, as well as resource consumption, is no easy task—it’s a global effort that starts with an individual choice. Making that decision to live a sustainable lifestyle and influencing others to take the same path is only the first step for the world to turn a new leaf.

“We have to start today, we have to get busy, and we need businesses to be focused on sustainable issues so that we can harness that incredible power of capitalism and put it to work towards rebuilding.”

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