Ep289: Managing Relentless Creativity with Musician Entrepreneur A/J Jackson

Ep289: Managing Relentless Creativity with Musician Entrepreneur A/J Jackson

They say creativity doesn’t run out; the more you use, the more you have. This is especially true for musician and entrepreneur AJ Jackson.

AJ started his career as the vocalist for Saint Motel, bringing new sounds and their own reinvention of music to the world. This led to their band gaining traction in the indie-pop scene. But AJ’s creativity didn’t stop there. He found himself in the movie-making industry and, somehow, even starting-up his own eyewear company, AVIEW. Like a comet through the sky, AJ doesn’t seem to have a stop button when it comes to bringing his ideas to life.

“I always kind of have a restlessness,” AJ describes, “And the best way to scratch that itch, is to create.”

AJ explains that his drive for reinvention is “like this constant feeling that we’re not there yet—I’m not there yet.” Further explaining that it is a blessing and a curse to be full of creativity, but emphasizing that the success of his pursuits all started from a crazy idea.

 “I would love to just turn that off, and just be content, but there is definitely a part of me that’s like, ‘they will not allow that’.”

He also talks about his band and how their long-term bond has helped keep him grounded. Serving as both anchor and wheel when he comes up with something new.

“Part of the benefit of having a band and being with like-minded guys who you’ve grown up with is that every step of the way, we can share it together.”

When asked how he manages to keep his thoughts under control and navigate his passion towards achieving his goals, he points out that a fresh perspective and a few deep breathes make all the difference when things get too overwhelming.

“Sometimes it definitely feels overwhelming and it’s like you just wanna give up. But you just have to be outside of yourself for a second,” he explains, “and realizes what you’re trying to accomplish is actually very small, very manageable, and very doable.”

Finally, AJ leaves us with a little reminder to focus on what we can control and the things that are out of are hands shouldn’t distract us from our original goal.

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