Ep288: Taking the Turn with Hollywood Producer Gary Goldstein

Ep288: Taking the Turn with Hollywood Producer Gary Goldstein

There’s a certain joy that comes with telling your life’s stories, and in today’s episode, Hollywood producer Gary Goldstein shares the glam and gloom on the journey he took before becoming a film legend.

Raised in San Francisco, Gary had a deep connection with music, people, and the stories they had to tell. Though he’d done events from time to time, he never really saw himself playing a huge part in the music industry, and instead found himself in law school with a goal to help where it really mattered.

“I liked the artistry, the storytelling and working with musicians,” Gary narrated, “but I wasn’t crazy about the business. So I took a real left turn and decided that I wanted to champion the underdog, I wanted to help save the world with everybody.”

For a long time, Gary devoted his life to helping the misfortunate and underprivileged community of San Francisco’s ghettos. But after years of service, Gary made the bold decision to step away from his career as a lawyer.

“It was some of the most emotionally challenging—and one of the bestchapters in my life. The people I met and the lessons I’ve learned were extraordinary, but I didn’t want to make that my life.”

It wasn’t an easy decision to make, and when he was confronted about the choice he made, Gary explained that “I felt like I was withering from the inside. Where I was, was extremely unhealthy for my soul and my being”.

And at the age of 30, Gary went on to pursue all sorts of passions. From literature to music, and eventually stumbled across the film industry where he finally found his calling – Storytelling.

 “Some of us are fire starters, we’re not great operators, that’s what I am,” Gary said, “I look for amazing people and a North Star that’s gonna somehow inform my life and end up being a really positive contribution.

“I just have this insatiable curiosity, wondering and needing to hear people’s stories, because I find every human fascinating. Even if they don’t know it.”

For a film boss, there’s no better time to make a life-changing decision than the present. Whether you’ve invested time into a growing career or are just figuring out where you belong. Gary encourages us to be brave and when in doubt, ask ourselves:

“I have precious little time here and I need to make the biggest possible dent that I can, where am I going to accomplish that?”

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