Ep 252: What Kind of World Changer Are You? Follow your Aliveness with Makena Sage

Ep 252: What Kind of World Changer Are You? Follow your Aliveness with Makena Sage

Makena Sage is the co-founder & CEO of Follow Your Aliveness® – a global training & coaching organization dedicated to inspiring and empowering 10 million World Changers to elevate the consciousness of the planet. (P.S. Everyone is a World Changer.)

I understand that most people don’t have that believer in their family, they don’t have that believer in their life, and I love being that person for people.

Her co-founder and business partner Gigi Sage (who also happens to be her mom!) has been coaching and training since 1986. Though she was born into personal development and started participating in Gigi’s seminars at the age of seven, Makena took a very different path in young adulthood. She studied International Business, then spent six years running her own 6-figure online marketing company, before she “woke up” to the face that she was financially successful but miserable. 

That’s when Gigi stepped in and empowered Makena to get the clarity, courage and support she needed to leap into the work she was born to do. 

Returning to her roots and The Aliveness Method™ changed everything. She went from having near-daily panic attacks, mysterious health issues, and burnout to feel lit up, healthy & energized in a matter of months. And she never looked back. 

Practices for a Breakthrough

  1. Take the World Changer Quiz. This test will show you your top talent and success motivator, which are potent distinctions.
  2. Chart Your Aliveness. Keep a paper with you and note down the activities in your day that lights you or drain you up. Start to put one or two things that make you feel alive and put it in your life on a more frequent basis.

Myth Busting 

There’s a commonality of theme Makena noticed amongst the people she has worked with, and that is believing that you can figure it out on your own. She strongly believes in utilizing all the resources available around you, such as great books, processes that can help you with clarity and support from coaches. And the only question left is how willing you are going to go for it which is so pivotal.

What is Aliveness Coaching

Aliveness Coaching is where you will find the support and tools to empower you to create a life or career that truly makes you alive. This avenue welcomes entrepreneurs, leaders, coaches or parents all around the globe who wish to create impact, may it be in the family, business, community or in the lives of other people.

Today, Gigi & Makena run The School for Mastery and the Aliveness Mastery™ program. A certification for coaches, leaders and world-changers-in-the-making who want to master the art of coaching, create lives & businesses that genuinely bring them ALIVE, and help others do the same. 


Resources Mentioned in this Episode

World Changer Quiz. Discover what kind of world changer you are.


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