Ep 240: Breaking Free From The Constraints Of Your Job with the REAL Jet Setter Kirsty Verity

Ep 240: Breaking Free From The Constraints Of Your Job with the REAL Jet Setter Kirsty Verity

The way she walks the talk, she’s REAL. Kirsty Verity, the CEO of Amazon businesses and the co-founder of Real Coaching, sat down with us to talk about how her four week holiday off per year ignited her desire to radically transition from being a corporate marketing director to a multi-million dollar entrepreneur.

“Don’t worry about what everybody else thinks about what you’re doing.”

Kirsty is a serial traveler and adventure has been a significant and vital part of her life. That desire fueled her to use Amazon as her vehicle to live that life. It took her four years to leave her 20-year corporate career, and has traveled every continent since except Africa… just yet. She has then dedicated to taking you on with her to enjoy that same freedom-based lifestyle. 

“So that’s kind of what sparked my interest in essentially thinking about ways to get a high income or get an income that suited my lifestyle that allowed me also to travel as well.”

How does someone run a successful multimillion-dollar business selling invisible products?

The Mindset Of Success

Her REAL Coaching business aims to coach Amazon beginners to develop their businesses, and already Amazon sellers that plateaued or with small successes breakthrough to reach the real success they desire. The skills she honed in her two decades of corporate background made her the connoisseur in marketing and branding.

“I’m up for it. I’m going for it, and I will be helped by other people because they’ve done it before me, and they’ve been through it all.”

One thing is for sure; she doesn’t just go on Amazon platform hawking on some stuff. She makes sure all the I’s are dotted and crossed all the T’s. Her Philosophy is:

  1. Start with something that you enjoy.
  2. Check if other people are buying it.
  3. Make it your own.
  4. Create a brand that makes sense.
  5. Your first order need not be too expensive.
  6. Utilize the tools.



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Check out her website at www.goteamreal.com.

Follow her Instagram at @kirstyverity40.