Ep 241: Translate Your Unique Gift Into A Career with The Walking MRI Machine Dr. Olivia Audrey

Ep 241: Translate Your Unique Gift Into A Career with The Walking MRI Machine Dr. Olivia Audrey

She is a Board Certified Naturopath, author, speaker; Dr. Olivia Audrey is our walking MRI machine. Since three, she has displayed her gifts of precognition, medical insight, and quantum intuition. That has led her to work with various clientele, such as the British Royals, celebrities, celebrity athletes, CEOs, fortune 500 business owners, and companies. She recently wrote this children’s book called Arthur fantastic, co-authored by the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson.

“If you have a desire, if you have a thought that this is what you want to do with your life and with your profession, then that means it’s a done deal already. And you just have to align yourself with the path as it rolls out for you.”

How She Discovered Her Gift

At six years old, she pointed at this woman at a baby shower with her mom and said Breast Cancer. It bothered the woman enough that she went and had a screening, and it turns out she had stage two fully interventional breast cancer that was able to be treated and saved her life. 

Further on, she also detected a heart disease in a 22-year-old man. And believe it or not, she’s the first one to see my struggle with Epstein Barr even before I found out about it. 

When it comes to an understanding what’s happening with our emotional, physical, or spiritual system, Dr. Audrey can go right to the heart of the matter. One of her extraordinary powers is bringing awareness to mystery illnesses. Dive in as we discuss topics on holistic health, mental health, and the immune system.

In this episode, she shed light on Epstein Barr and the viruses and autoimmune conditions that originate and piggyback on the “granddaddy of all autoimmune.” As well as how you can translate your unique gift to a full-time career.

“Education is key. And so I always advocate that you have a conversation with your body first.”

How To Translate Your Calling Into a Full-on Career

  1. Honor your calling by trusting yourself. Acknowledge and embrace the unique gift bestowed upon you instead of dismissing it.
  2. Check with yourself how it feels. If it resonates as truth for you, step forward and bring it out to the world professionally.
  3. Build it by clearing away any resistance that may be preventing you.

“The less sense that it makes me in my cognitive brain, the more sense that it’s going to make to the other person.”

If there’s anything she wants us to know is to embrace the weirdest parts of ourselves because those will end up being our superpowers.


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