Ep: 216 Create a Successful Marketing Campaign, With Travis Chambers

Ep: 216 Create a Successful Marketing Campaign, With Travis Chambers

As the online space gets more and more saturated and consumers are spoilt for choice, marketing, and advertising has never been more relevant or important for entrepreneurs, brands and public figures. 

Advertising campaigns can be the make or break of your business. 

Cleverly executed marketing or a successful advertising campaign can drive thousands of leads to your product/website/page which equates to more revenue. 

What makes a campaign successful? 

What makes for clever marketing? 

What is the difference between paid or organic marketing and which one is best for the stage your business is in?

We caught up with Travis Chambers, founder of Chamber  Media – a media agency whose work has had 40 million views over Facebook and other channels, to talk about everything ad-related. 

Travis is certainly an authority when it comes to marketing – he has been listed in Forbes 30 Under 30, founder of Chamber media was a speaker at Vidcon and numerous other events along with being featured in many renowned publications for the work he has done with ad and content strategy on digital platforms.

Travis tells us about the growth of advertising and how starting out he pre-anticipated the boom – “when I first started as an intern in advertising only 3% of all spending was digital, and now it’s over 50% … ten years ago I knew that was going to happen, so I focused all my energy there.”

Reflecting on Travis’ stellar industry experience which we discussed in the interview, we have compiled four of his top tips for creating a successful marketing strategy. 

Know the vehicle and the strategy 

Travis tells us about how much time he and his team spent getting to know the medium or platform they were using for any given campaign before they even thought about getting stuck into the creative aspect. 

You need to know the ins and outs, the algorithms (if any) and how the platform operates. For instance, Facebook Ads has several rules about what you can and cannot include in ads, which you will want to be familiar with before putting together a campaign – eg. you cannot address the viewer directly using ‘you’ or imply anything about their character, race, personal preferences, religion, sex etc. 

Knowing what types of content is favored and how the algorithm works is going to heavily influence your potential reach. 

Identify demand where there’s short supply

If you want to be a good artist or creative, according to Travis, you have to develop an ability to identify demand where there’s a short supply and know-how to create that ‘thing’ that everyone wants.

“There’s a lot of starving artists out there, and what I always say is that the best artists were greater marketers than they were artists…” says Travis.

Know that you can’t please everyone

Creative direction is one of those things that not everyone is going to agree on, as personal preference often comes into play and everyone has their own artistic sensibility. And that’s okay! 

Travis says it’s important to not try to please everyone – “It’s understanding – I’m going to make this and a lot of people aren’t going to like it, but some people are going to like it, and then if there are people who do, it’s a success.” 

Don’t pay for ad campaigns unless you have money to experiment with 

Travis recommends that you do not throw money at Facebook ads (or other ads) unless you have at least $4000 to experiment with, because it takes a lot of testing before you can fine-tune the details and determine what is really working. It also takes a decent amount of ad spend before your ads are able to gain traction, due to the algorithms they have in place. So if you are strapped for cash, it is better to use organic or non-paid marketing.


Travis is giving away one lucky reader a 30-minute strategy call to look into your ad account and give you some creative ideas on what sort of ads you should make to get a better return on ad spend. You can apply to win here, a winner will be announced next week. 

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