Ep: 184 Confessions of an Artist, With Singer/Songwriter, Pip the Pansy

Ep: 184 Confessions of an Artist, With Singer/Songwriter, Pip the Pansy

In today’s world, some would argue your presence on social media is essential. The content you share should represent who you are and what you stand for and can be a gateway to great opportunities.  For some, it can be really easy to become consumed by the idea of these opportunities and becoming a famous influencer. Who wouldn’t want complimentary trips around the world, access to luxury villas, and free product sponsorships, right?

But the question we fail to ask is, what is the energetic cost of this lifestyle? Many Instagram influencers are beginning to speak out about how what they post on Instagram isn’t always an accurate representation of what is actually happening in their lives. As a viewer, you are shown manicured highlight reels and you start to compare your life with the staged influencers’ life and this is so dangerous for our mental health. 

A recent article by Psychology Today discusses the “Social Comparison Theory” This theory states that “individuals determine their own social and personal worth based on how they stack up against others they perceive as somehow faring better or worse.  As a result, humans are constantly evaluating themselves and others across a variety of domains, such as attractiveness, wealth, intelligence, and success.”

It is basic human nature to compare yourself to others and in some cases, it could be a positive way to foster self- motivation but the birth of social media has taken the comparison to a whole new level.  “Some research shows that people who regularly compare themselves to others often experience negative feelings of deep dissatisfaction, guilt, and remorse, and engage in destructive behaviors, like lying and disordered eating.”

This week on the Unconventional Life Show is Pip The Pansy. Recently Pip was on tour and had a rough show with less than hoped for attendance, instead of posting how great the show she posted a story called “confessions” highlighting more embarrassing behind the scenes things that happened to her, as an independent artist. I just decided to let people know that it’s not always glamorous. And I expected that some people would relate. But I did not anticipate the amount of response’s that I got.” 

Comments and other people’s personal artist confessions started overflowing into her inbox. The “confessions” are now an Instagram Highlight on Pips Instagram page when people can anonymously share their personal behind the scenes story as a thriving artist. 

Some anonymous confessions state “Recently went into debt to put up my own art. Toughest experience of my life, but I grew.” and “Sometimes I turn the volume down on Spotify and play my own music on repeat to get my numbers up” Post like these remind artists that they are not alone and that everyone goes through the similar struggles. Pip states “I have such a love-hate relationship with social media. And that was the first time that I truly loved it because it felt like all of us we’re connecting over the fact that we do really pitiful things to make it look like it’s working.

Lucky for us, Pip shares some advice that she uses to keep it real and authentic with the rise of fame and social media. 

Focus on “who you are,  rather than what you are”

You might be an artist or an athlete but that identity is not the box you have to stay in. You can be anything you want to be and feel anything you want to feel. For example, you might think that a person with a career as a performer is outgoing and the life of the party but “who” they really are is shy and introverted. So “constantly feeding the who instead of what is a way that you can remain fulfilled in your life.

Don’t be afraid to be honest. 

Be open with people about where you are at because it turns out, a lot of people could be also feeling that way. By simply communicating how you feel, you are building a community that can support one another.

Create just to create! 

If anyone listening is looking to be an artist, you should work out that muscle and create as much unfiltered content as you can. Pip advises all artists to pay extra attention to the things you create that you don’t like or doesn’t feel truthful or genuine after some time goes by. “Art pieces that are really soulful, truthful, and genuine will be timeless for you and your audience. “

Don’t compare yourself to others 

Comparison puts a damper on your inspiration and creativity, you are unlikely to create a when you feel a sense of dissatisfaction within yourself. If you do find yourself caught up in the comparison game then talk about it with the people around you.  Having friends and community around us to keep reminding us how far we have come and how much we have improved is essential when we have our self-love blinders on. 

“Artists excavate truth out of mystery” when you’re able to do this successfully, it will resonate with other people and that is really fulfilling. And it doesn’t matter how many people are in front of my stage, and it doesn’t matter what number is next to my Spotify streams, All that matters is that I’m trying my hardest to dig through mystery and figure out what truth is in there that needs to be said at the moment.”

Pip is an incredibly immersed artist, musician, and performer. She uses her dreamy flute melodies, explosive synth hooks, and colorful spirit to completely capture her audiences from around the world. Pip’s newest album Love Legends, Part 1 was released early this year and draws inspiration from Greek mythology and bringing the ancient back to life.

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