Ep: 183 What do you do Once you “Have it All”, With founder of Think Different Theory, Josh Forti

Ep: 183 What do you do Once you “Have it All”, With founder of Think Different Theory, Josh Forti

Have you ever felt an emptiness that sets in when you realize that you are achieving what you set out to achieve and yet, you are unhappy? Sometimes when entrepreneurs reach an important milestone depression is common. This is because the thing they want did not give them the feeling they anticipated.  When this happens people are forced to reassess their values and may need to redefine their definition of success and what truly makes them happy. 

This week on the Unconventional Life Show is Josh Forti, the founder of the Think Different Theory.  Through mindset, psychology, and modern-day philosophy Josh’s mission is to help you break free and define your own destiny and passion- all the things we love on the Unconventional Life show. 

“I believe that we as a society don’t talk about what actually matters, we talk about what sells. And I am here to change that.” – Josh Forti 

Josh had a near-death experience from what he calls “success depression.” From everyone’s else’s perspective, he was on top of the world. By the age of 25, he had already started and sold 2 different companies, grown and managed 5 million-plus followers and made a name in both social media and online marketing. He had all the money he needed but was still putting in 18 hours per day, working and striving to reach higher heights, and have “more”. 

Josh remembered thinking to himself “something has got to break, I can’t keep up with this pace forever, I am killing myself slowly” Josh told himself he would “buy his way out of it & somehow push through” 

After reaching false summit after false summit he emotionally hit rock bottom… 

He canceled all of his clients and went from making 50k per month to 3k. He began to ponder what the key to success was. He started to study really successful people and read a ton of books. Not a single one of the people he spoke to or read about said, “Run better ads” or “Have a better product”. That wasn’t the key. The key to all of their success across the board? They ALL said mindset. 

Over years of research, he has come up with 5 core principles to rewire your brain for success, create habits that actually last and become the master of your mindset. 

The question of why

“You need to figure out why you are doing everything you are doing”. Josh discovered that 90% of everything you do, think or act on a daily basis happens in the subconscious mind so you don’t realize why you are acting the way you do. 

When he started to ask himself these questions of why. Why do you want to be famous? why do you live here? why do you drive the car that you do? All of a sudden his life changed because he had a better understanding and perception of why he was living the way he was. 

Objective thinking 

This is the most powerful way of gaining clarity. When you are on this road of success and are going and going and going, you can get so caught up your own feelings and so involved in the process that you forget to step back and look at the bigger picture. 

Have you ever looked at someone else’s life and can easily see and figure out everything that is wrong but can’t see what is causing problems in your own life?  Being able to zoom out, as if you are an outsider looking in, without too much emotion is thinking objectively. 

Identify what it is that you actually want in life

Quite simply, you get to choose what you want every day, from the food you eat to the people and activities you spend your time on. This is your reality. Make it exactly how you want it to be. 

Shifting your identity

Everything that we do in life comes back to your identity, who you think you are and what beliefs you have about yourself. You can place our identity, subconsciously in so many different things.

Josh placed his identity in money. If he made money he had a good day. If he didn’t make money he had a terrible day. He had no freedom because he had placed his identity in something he couldn’t control and something outside of him. 

 Form new habits

 If you want to change your identity form new habits because habits are at the core of everything you do. Josh refers to the Power Of Habit book by Charles Duhigg and a great quote by the author is; “The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.” 

  • Do you have any habits or addictions that you want to quit?
  • What are the rewards, pleasure points, this habit or addiction provides you with?
  • Which punishment or pain point do you run away from with this habit or addiction?

Change doesn’t have to be a chore, inserting joy back into the process of creating new conscious habits will make the fact of change something much more welcome, more doable and more effortless.

So, start rewarding yourself for stepping toward the person that you want to become

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