Ep: 181 How to Crush Sales with Linkedin, with Expert, David Tash

Ep: 181 How to Crush Sales with Linkedin, with Expert, David Tash

If you are looking to get noticed as a business professional or entrepreneur Linkedin is definitely where the buzz is at.

With over 630 million users, Linkedin its the largest professional network in the world. If you think the site is just a place to keep your online resume, your missing out on some great opportunities. 

This week on the Unconventional Life show we caught up David Tash, the co-founder of Tashrizzo which is an executive recruiter network.  During this episode, David shares with us 5 valuable tips that we can use to go from zero to hero in the LinkedIn nation and much more.

1. Optimize your headline

Your headline is one of the most visible sections on your profile, making it ultra-hot real estate for getting your message across. David shares that the headline should be branded to speak to your potential clients. What values and skills can you bring to others? What problems do you solve? 

To make it simple, here is a formula: “Your Title, Helping X do Y” or “Your Title. 

Example: “Enterprise software executive | Helping retailers find better performance, productivity, and profitability”

 The headline should pique interest and curiosity so that people engage with your profile and want to discover more about you. 

2. Summary page

David reminds us that “It’s not about you, it’s about who you help the most” 

—> Position your product or service as a solution to all the problems and challenges that your customers are facing.

—> Have a call to action – where do you want to drive customer traffic to? Your best recommendation is to have a link to your landing page. The landing page is an extended description or your product or service, the goal is to convert visitors into sales or leads.  A few other calls to action are;  a calendar link( eg.calendly or hubspot) to set up a  short consultation, inquiry forms, or any preferred method of contact. 

3. Gaining Traction

—> Find your target audience and business collaborations using the Boolean search function. A boolean search quickly refines your search criteria to pinpoint your buyers, influencers, and stakeholders so you can start having conversations with the right people. 

Once you have found your prospect list start to reach out to these people via direct message. Less is more here, the key is to deliver a “benefit-driven message in a genuine way” who are you and how can you help them. 

In your spare time, engage with your prospects & comment on their posts with relevant content related to their interests. They will see your profile & headline and instantly know how you can support them. 

4. The Value Sandwich

Keeping people engaged in your product or service requires a specific formula. If you pushed SALES, SALES, SALES, You would be ignored and forgotten for being too salesy. David’s golden ratio is Value- Pitch- Value. 

The pitches should aim to sell and self promote, while the value is aimed to tell a story, trigger’s an emotional response or starts a conversation. 

It’s important to content that is catchy and interesting enough to grab hold of someone’s attention or it will be lost in a sea of memes, cat photos, and selfies. Use Buzz Sumo to find popular and relevant news about your product or service and share it. 

5. Advanced Support

—> Supercharge your leads by setting up the Linkedin sales navigator. (Ps. Click the link for a free 30-day trial) This allows you to find the exact people you want to market your product and service while driving organic and paid leads to your landing page. Install the Facebook Pixel and Google Conversion Tracking Tag and the Linkedin Insight tag. This allows you to re-market to the same people you target on Linkedin on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google. Pixels also collect data that can help optimize ads and measure your ads’ results.

These are only five of the points that David covers in this episode, so tune in to learn how to supercharge your LinkedIn potential

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