Ep291: The Way of the Wanderer with Virtual Nomad Kach Medina of 2 Monkeys Travel

Ep291: The Way of the Wanderer with Virtual Nomad Kach Medina of 2 Monkeys Travel

It is often said that “success is a journey, not a destination.” This can’t be truer for the travel vlogger and nomadic influencer Kach Medina

Her chronicle of over 140 different adventures started in the small country of the Philippines where the young Kach had already envisioned what she would do for the rest of her life; her knack for adventure made her the modern explorer that she is today.

“I really wanted to become a diplomat so I could have a stronger passport, and I already knew when I was young that I wanted to travel the world. I envisioned this when I was seven, talking to my grandfather.”

In 2013, Kach headed off backpacking to Southeast Asia. From there, she flew to different countries to explore more. In late 2014, having embraced a nomadic lifestyle, she began travel blogging on a full-time basis. Then after four years of adventure travelling followed by two years of sailing the Caribbean, she moved and bought a stone house villa in Herceg Novi, Montenegro, in 2019 to start a new expat life.

Even during her time abroad, Kach never stopped looking for new horizons. She went from office jobs to teaching, jumping from one career to another. And even after several mishaps in life, love, and a car crash that left her immobile for months, she had one unwavering dream that kept her going: To travel the world.

“When I finally found my mission, that’s when I decided that no matter what is happening externally, I just have to keep going.” She explains,” I just have to keep reminding myself that even though bad things come if I could just make my mission on a daily basis happen, I could surpass them.”

Paving the way with every article she posts, Kach is now a devoted writer and wandering enthusiast who has made it her life’s mission to spread the joys of travelling. She makes it a point that the journey isn’t about the best spots or the most expensive food a country can offer; it’s about the act of finding yourself lost in new experiences.

“My mission is to make one person happier every day. if I do that, I feel like I am still alive.”

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