The Evolution of Self and Career: Aligning Work With Personal Growth

The Evolution of Self and Career: Aligning Work With Personal Growth

Darrah Brustein is a special return guest and it’s clear to see why we had to have her back.   She is the founder of the networking events company, Network Under 40, which serves over 30,000 people.  She founded and grew an electronic payments company into 38 different states with her twin brother.  An avid writer, Darrah is a columnist for Forbes, ThriveGlobal, Entrepreneur, and has written a kids book on financial literacy.  With her next book in the pipeline, she founded a virtual summit called Life By Design, Not By Default to support people in designing the life, career, relationships, and network that they truly desire.  All this, while traveling 60% of the time for pleasure!

As I listen to Darrah’s podcast, I’m reminded of evolution.  I think so often we box ourselves into a career with certain skills and ways of operating, and many times we’re missing the ability to express parts of ourselves that deeply want to be shared.  When you know deep down it’s time to move into the next phase of your life, what holds you back from welcoming the change? One of the biggest questions woven into this podcast is “what do you do when who you’ve been isn’t aligned with who you are today?”  

In this podcast, Darrah shares the process she went through to answer this very question and live life by her own design, not by default.

In this podcast you’ll learn…

  • How to listen to feedback to discover your next career move
  • What it takes to intentionally design the life you truly wish to live
  • The value of committing to your growth
  • The importance of your network and how to build it

Key questions inspired by Darrah’s podcast:

What does success mean to you?


After being let go multiple times from conventional jobs, Darrah made the choice to step into the entrepreneurial world and try her hand at something much less glamourous than her sexy fashion career.  It was in this choice that her twin invited her to start an electronic payments company. After initially being offended by his request, she decided to be curious about the opportunity and was able to see the greater value she would be able to provide with this career path.   Originally her version of success had included working for someone doing something she was passion about; this new company would allow her to learn and grow while helping people at the foundational level of their company.

Someone else’s version of success may look nothing like your own.  In this case, Darrah’s shift came from adjusting her perception of what could be possible when she looked through a different lens.  Instead of just checking the boxes every day, what could you get excited about contributing to the work you are doing?

How are you committing to your personal growth?

Growth can look an endless amount of ways and it’s important to find what works best for you.  

Right before Darrah attended the Unconventional Life Italy Business Accelerator, she realized things needed to shift in her company, Network Under 40.  It was after that event that she made a promise to herself to carve out time and energy to discover this next phase of her life.

Committed to the exploration, it wasn’t about letting go of all that she’d created, but instead taking a look at who she was, gathering intentional data, and asking questions.  She read books, went back to old journals, did free flow brainstorms, asked what problems she’d want to tackle, and noted what people would come to her for.

Through this process she was able to take what she’d learnt and overlay it with what was already working in her life.  Growth is just as much about expansion as it is shedding layers.

Who are you surrounding yourself with?

It’s important to assess the relationships you’re investing your time and energy in.  Are they lighting you up? Do you feel exhausted or inspired after your interactions?

Darrah suggests finding friends that are on the same or similar path you desire to be on.  Look for people that are in alignment with what most excites you.

With social media, intentional networking events, and various growth-oriented communities popping up all over the world, the opportunity to create relationships that inspire and support you is available like never before.

Asking for feedback about who you are to other people helps you see how you’re viewed in another person’s perspective.  This process illuminates places in your life that are unique to you and shines light on the waters you swim in every day.

Virtual summits, such as The Life By Design, Not Default Virtual Summit, can be a great place to spark conversations with people who are interested in things you value.

Seek out events that elevate you.




Amelia Broughton is a relational facilitator and purveyor of connection, pioneering a more connected, communication-savvy, and emotionally intelligent planet. She facilitates Authentic Relating and Relational Leadership in various settings and communities. Her expertise is in team dynamics and interpersonal relations. With over 10 years of experience on teams and in communities, Amelia’s vision for the world is one of beautiful interconnection, a place where we put down the distractions and to-do lists to bask in the miracles that surround us. The type of connection that nourishes us internally, externally and has every one of us feel seen, heard and loved with a true sense of belonging.  An active Unconventional Life member, Amelia recently became our Operations Director and will be consistently contributing her writing.