The Art of Community Buildling

The Art of Community Buildling

Jeff is the founder of the world’s largest cryptocurrency investing group, which, in the past year alone, has accumulated over 130,000 members. He’s also an operator at Momentum Collective, a community of artists and entrepreneurs who co-work, co-live, and co-train in exotic residencies around the world.

In Jeff’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • The art of community building—how Jeff built a thriving online community from zero to 130k members in under a year, including best practices to encourage engagement, acquisition and retention.
  • The future of cryptocurrency—how cryptocurrency will change the world.
  • How to know when it’s time to switch careers, and how to gracefully make the switch.
  • How to tune out the haters, and tune into your intuition.

Key lessons from Jeff’s episode:

A Value-Centered Community Will Thrive.

Jeff’s cryptocurrency group skyrocketed to over 130,000 members in just one year. How’d he do it?

He says that endowing your community with values makes it an attractive environment that others want to be a part of.

At the core of Jeff’s cryptocurrency community are the values of openness and acceptance.

To Jeff, openness and acceptance means allowing different perspectives to coexist in your community. The discussion threads in Jeff’s community often reflect a dialogue between those who disagree. “Some people think cryptocurrency is going up and up, and others think it’s declining. In a community, there needs to be space for both voices. Openness and acceptance allows community members to express themselves without fear of judgment or alienation.”

What are your community’s core values?

Capitalize on Trends.

Jeff says his community’s explosive growth was a product of being in the right place at the right time.

Cryptocurrency has undeniably been a rising trend in late years, so when Jeff launched a cryptocurrency investing group, he benefited from the organic buzz around that topic and the fact that “cryptocurrency investing” was a highly searched phrase.

“Notice a trend and learn to trust your instinct. Be in the place that people are already looking,” Jeff advises.

Balance is the Cornerstone of Well-Being.

Jeff emphasizes that maintaining balance in his life is a major priority for him. What does this look like in practice? It comes down to structuring his time so that adequate time is allocated to both work and play.

When we spend too much time working, we actually counteract the outcome we hope to achieve. Grinding is a flawed strategy because it constricts creativity. When we work ourselves into a state of compression, such that we feel exhausted, stressed, or overworked, our creativity suffers.

Creativity underlies all of the original work you do. Whether you’re a writer, a designer, an acrobat, or engineer, creativity is the fuel for your work.

Science shows that play regenerates our creativity reserves.

“I aim to have a diversified portfolio of experiences,” Jeff says. “On average, I spend two hours a day on my business, and the rest on self-expression. That way, those two hours I spend working I’m extremely productive and can do my best work.”

How can you bring more balance to your life? Are you “sacrificing” in any one domain?

Examine your time management from a holistic perspective and recognize that a two-legged stool does not function as well as three- or four-legged stool. If you’re sacrificing in any domain, such as self-care or recreation, work to allocate more energy to that domain so you can function better overall.