Jules and the unconventional squad have done an amazing job fostering a space for exponential growth, organic connection, timeless and priceless memories. Unconventional life is a Gem. Simply put, Life altering event.

Ronny Turiaf

NBA Champion, 2-Time Olympian

Jules is truly one of a kind. I’ve never met a leader like her. Her energy, wisdom, and confidence is magnetic and has the power to transform those around her. Jules’ leadership in Unconventional Life was a perfect example of that, and it was powerful to experience first-hand.

Lena Elkins

Millennial Business Coach, Forbes Writer

Jules’ Unconventional Life accelerator was a life changing experience for me. I attended both the one in Italy and the one in Nicaragua and each one made very significant impacts on my life. What continues to blow me away are the connections and bonds that I made with everyone. We became family instantly and that family keeps growing. Jules has an ability to bring the right people together and lead a group in a way I have never seen before. She has impacted and upleveled my life and business tremendously.

Brady Hedlund

Founder Life Before Work

What Jules has been able to do with the Unconventional Life Retreat has been transformative and life changing. The amazing, eclectic group of individuals from around the world that she is able to bring together evokes strong connection, community and inspiration. The sessions that are put on during the retreat are thought provoking, cleansing to the soul and actionable. As a result, I’ve been able to better care of myself, my business and employees.

Michael Dash

CEO & President at Parallel HR Solutions, Inc.

Jules Schroeder is a multi gifted, multi passionate renaissance woman. She is a powerful leader and holds a space for major transformation. Jules is a powerful creator. She takes huge ideas to implementation with remarkable speed and consistently exceeds expectations.

Jackie Knechtel

Founder of Flow Consciousness Institute

I walked away from the event with actionable steps for my business and I would absolutely refer. There is nowhere else where you can get all this kind of information in one place. It combines the best of everything business, relational, and spiritual all at once!

Darrah Brustein

Writer & Networking Business Founder

It was a life-changing experience with an amazing group of entrepreneurs who live their lives passionately and inspire you to be the best version
of yourself!

Florence Turiaf

Live Events Organizer

Never before have I been in the presence of such authentic diversity. Each individual I connected with had their own gift, and extended that value openly. It was the most remarkable collection of people I have ever been a part of.

Kyle Pajor

Body Builder & Men’s Coach

Amazing structure and amazing new friends! I learned how to build a
passive income business. I was literally able to take the content and apply it into my life so I could start something immediately.

Anoop Kansupada

Travel Hacking Entrepreneur

F@*k yeah!!! Probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life! Not even kidding!

Margie Pargie

Aerial Yoga Business Founder