Millennials, Here’s Why Job Titles Don’t Matter Anymore

Millennials, Here’s Why Job Titles Don’t Matter Anymore

4. Job Titles Inhibit Expression. For millennials, finding meaningful work is about applying one’s innate gifts to the marketplace. Many millennials like myself identify as being multi-passionate, and we don’t want to just “pick one” thing at the expense of our other skillsets. I’m not “just” a speaker; I’m also a musician, singer, poet, and businesswoman.

Ana Wood, the founder of Try Love On, says, “Freedom is the name of the game for Millennials. We require the freedom to be expressed in all of our gifts, to innovate by weaving them together, to act spontaneously on our inspiration, to collaborate with others doing the same.”

5. Job Titles Are An Incomplete Measure Of ‘Success.’ Whitney Cox, the owner of a dance studio in Colombia says, “You can have it all in the material realm but it makes no difference if your spiritual realm and purpose are not engaged as well. I think millennials define success this way, which is hugely different than generations before. The definition of success is broader now, and it involves mind, body, soul and purpose.”

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