EP:178 Using Niche Marketing to Target your Ideal Audience , with Kenny Kline from Jakk Media

EP:178 Using Niche Marketing to Target your Ideal Audience , with Kenny Kline from Jakk Media

Whether you are launching an online course, getting started with an e-commerce company, or have a product of your own you’re looking to sell, the number one priority you will have is marketing and exposure. Even the best and most recognized companies in the world, spend a considerable amount of money on marketing.

It’s no secret, the product is only half of the company, effective marketing is the other half.

Thirty years ago, the marketing avenues accessible were the newspaper, radio, and tv. The audience was large, and so were the relative costs. The percentage of people who were interested in the product advertised was by today’s standards, incredibly low. If someone was advertising a product made exclusively for either men or women, they would immediately lose half of the audience conversion potential, but still, have to pay the full cost.

By today’s standards, 1,000 views cost around $2-$5. Would you rather sell a knitting product to 1,000 random people, or would you rather sell it to 1,000 women ages 30-60 who have recently subscribed to groups related to knitting? The latter is clearly superior, and demonstrates the power of today’s niche marketing vs the old traditional mass marketing techniques, that many of the “big corporations” are still stuck in today. 

Even though these big corporations have access to niche marketing, the majority still use traditional marketing techniques. This is a phenomenal opportunity for people like you to get ahead of the curve and lead the next evolution in the attention economy.

This week on Unconventional Life show is Kenny Kline from Jakk Media. Jakk media is a company that leverages its knowledge and expertise to create high-quality content and launch effective marketing campaigns for other companies.

Jakk media works with popular companies such as Barbend, Sleepopolis, Mattress Clarity and Security Baron. Each company is operated by a team of writers, videographers, editors, and designers to create content that is engaging and specific to each target audience.  One of their main techniques and area’s of expertise is building a passionate community and leveraging niche marketing.

In this podcast, Kenny shares;

  • Insights on niche marketing and ways that they can help benefit you in your online business
  • Ways for bloggers to create income
  • Actions that Kenny took to move away his corporate job
  • How Kenny balances family life and entrepreneur life

Kenny shares three tips for researching what product to market.

1. Collect data reference points

The first step is seeing if people are actually interested in your potential product. 

Start by entering keywords that relate to your product into Google and AdWords keyword planner to see what comes up. If you find keywords with a high search volume then that is a good indicator of a profitable niche. You can also search for keywords on Google Trends, Amazon and Clickbank.

2. What is the competition like?

Is there an opportunity for you to stand out in the market or do you need to differentiate yourself from the crowd? If you find a keyword that has a lot of traffic but low monetization then that could be an excellent opportunity for you to insert yourself into that market.

3. Research your audience and find the pain points.

In order to understand and appeal to your customers, you are going to have to know what problems they are facing and what questions they are asking. Go on forums like Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter to see what dialogue is happening around the product. Once you know the problem you can create high-quality content that provides a solution.

Kenny states that “If you can get an audience that is passionate, you’re going to find a way to monetize it. It may not be clear from day one exactly how you are going to monetize it but there is always the opportunity to do so in any passionate industry.”

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Written by Lisa Renee