Ep: 190 Creating a Movement with your Message, With Internationally-known Speaker, Williams

Ep: 190 Creating a Movement with your Message, With Internationally-known Speaker, Williams

Most people know the classic acronym for ROI as ‘Return on Investment’ but the acronym you might not have heard of yet is ‘Ripples of Impact’ 

How much impact you have in the world is also your direct return on investment and the number one way to increase both versions of ROI is through learning how to become a powerful communicator. 

If you have the ability to impact your listener’s at their heart, then it’s much easier for them to join your movement and take inspired action. This will have a positive ripple effect not only in your career but also in your personal life and the lives of the people you serve. 

This week on the Unconventional Life show is Joe Williams. Joe is an internationally- known speaker, who coaches entrepreneurs become world-class speakers. Whether you need help finding your message, developing your message, or learning how to take the stage with confidence and aliveness then Joe is your go-to guy. 

Joe was the head trainer and lead speaker for peak performance coach, Tony Robbins. For 15 years Joe spoke to “roaring crowds, got standing ovations and rock star treatment all around the world” but what he realized was that he was living someone else’s dream. What Joe was really craving was more family time and to create something more meaningful with his life. Joe pivoted and designed two offerings that stem from creating a lifestyle and career based on what you actually care about. 

The first is the Creative Performance Group, which helps people master their message through ritual programs, a live event called the Speakers Bootcamp and 1-1 mentoring. The other is a book called “The Impact Awakening – How to go from having a calling to changing lives.”  Ps. Click the link for a free download of the book 😉 

In this episode, Joe drops some unconventional wisdom on how to master your message and how to structure your message so that the audience stays engaged and is left feeling inspired to take action.  

Have an idea so big that it walks the line of being possible. 

Your idea needs to be big enough and different enough, from everything else that’s out there. “You don’t create movements based around the status quo, you don’t create movements by an incremental improvement of what’s already out there, you tend to create movements by having an idea that is so big that the idea walks that line of being possible.”

 Designing your Message of Mastery 

Your message has three major parts 

1.Your life story. What has your life uniquely primed you for to be the emissary of this message? “ Learn to tell both, the upsides of your story and, more importantly, the downsides of your journey with a moral of what you learned.”  Likely you have had an experience in your life that has shaped who you are and in going through that experience you are able to authentically help and guide others to find their own way and become the hero of their own story. 

“Great storytellers don’t retell stories, they relive them.” – anonymous 

2. Your passions. Your passion is your greater why and will give you the motivation that you need to keep going when challenges arise. If you create your business based on your passions the joy that it brings you will effortlessly come alive through your words and within your being when you are speaking about it. 

3.Your offering. How can you serve the world, what results you can really help people receive?

Communicate Effectively 

The next step is learning how to communicate, how to present your message powerfully and in a way that moves people emotionally. Your goal here is to motivate people to do something different, to take action, as a result of listening to your message. 

Joe shares that he took all of the classic training, Toastmasters, Dale Carnegie ect and they all taught him the same thing… script out your talk, memorize it, rehearse it and perform. He found that methodology outdated and the performance aspect did the opposite of the desired goal, to connect and have a conversation with the audience. 

People can tell the difference between performing versus you showing up as your most empower self and having a truthful conversation. So Joe developed an amazing way of teaching that shows you how to tap into the specific mental and emotional state that is needed in order to deliver your message. He guides you to be able to tap into your excitement and enthusiasm to the point where your brain turns on and the words just flow out. He also teaches a great method for the structure of the talk and what areas are the most important to focus on. For a more in-depth look at the structure below, you can download the Impact Awakening Book. 

The Structure

  1. Begin with the end.  “This is always your starting point when laying out an outline or structure for everything from a presentation to a book to even coaching or consulting session. What is the result you want to achieve when you are done and things have gone well?”
  2.  Create the start. “Your opening should be strong and get attention. Open with a question, a bold statement or a challenge.”
  3. Balance “big ideas” and stories.  “You will need time to introduce it, teach it, share a story to bring it alive, answer questions about it and have the audience do something to experience using the idea.”
  4. Close with a call to action. “Decide what you want your call to action to be and then everything you do to design and deliver your message will lead to that action. All great learning experiences end with leading you to take action on what you just experienced.”

 “People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel”  – Maya Angelou


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