How To Filter The Noise, Stay Focused, Follow Through and Find Fulfillment, With Poet, Yung Pueblo.

Diego Perez is the writer and speaker behind the pen name Yung Pueblo.  The name means young people and serves to remind him of his Ecuadorian roots, his experiences in activism, and that the collective of humanity is in the midst of important growth.  Diego’s poetry and speaking inspire hundreds of thousands of followers around the world and capture the essence of self-healing and unconditional love. He aims to empower people to do internal work in service of developing the wisdom to truly know ourselves.  A dedicated Vipassana meditator, Diego believes in the power of releasing the tension from our internal world as a contribution to the greater good of humanity.

In Diego’s episode, you will learn…

    • How his commitment to writing require fierce dedication
    • Why meditation is a vital aspect of his life
    • What honesty and courage have to do healing
    • And so much more…

After scrolling through Diego Perez’s Instagram account (@yung_pueblo) I’m struck by how seemingly simple yet profound his words are.  Each swipe past black-and-white content square surprisingly soothed my mind and drew me deeper into my own peace and patience. His story reflects one of activism, self actualization and a fierce commitment to his own path.  This impressive display of wisdom was by no means without trials and tribulations and is a testament of his honesty, courage, and path to healing.

Insights inspired by Yung Pueblo’s words
“sometimes people are simply meant to teach you how to not act in the future” – yung pueblo

When Perez leaped into the unknown to begin his writing career many people thought he was crazy.  He wasn’t making money, was being supported by his partner, and feeling very insecure about his decision at times.  With very little results, he watched others gain success but kept focused on his meditation practice and writing. He knew he had to write about his discoveries as a meditator and saw how powerful his healing was as an active member of society.  He believes that “you’re a much less harmful person to those around you” when you’re continuously turning inwards.

People may not understand your intentions at first and they may think you’ve lost your mind, but like Yung Pueblo, it is an act of courage to keep going despite all odds.  When you meet others that are doing the unthinkable or seemingly impossible, lift them up, cheer them on, and see the magic in what is being provided by their journey. In this case, Perez’s dedication to his inner knowing evolved into an immensely successful pursuit.  

“a hero is one who heals their own wounds and then shows others how to do the same” – yung pueblo

Born in Ecuador but primarily growing up in Boston, MA, Perez was an avid activist in his community. Over the course of his younger years, he joined groups of young people that were given serious power to design campaigns and learn how to organize and take action around the things that mattered to them.  This supporting of one another’s vision seemingly wove itself into the fiber of Perez’s life and continued into his adult life when he began to meditate at the age of 24. He’d seen how powerful each individual was during these days of activism, but he’d also still felt the misery.  To Perez meditation is a cultivation of internal happiness, which in turn betters society with a positive ripple effect. He began to realize how impactful his meditation practice was and chose writing as a medium to share with others what’s possible.

With so many different avenues to explore that bring release and relaxation today, it can be challenging to know which techniques to try.  When Perez refers to being a hero, he sees supporting and encouraging one another to be happy, and ultimately more powerful, as a courageous feat.  By finding your own way to healing and sharing with others, you are doing the work that’s so desperately needed in this day and age. In his commitment to sharing this wisdom, I’d say Yung Pueblo truly is a hero himself.  

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