How This Millennial Stay-At-Home-Mom Launched A Celebrity-Endorsed Company In 2 Months

How This Millennial Stay-At-Home-Mom Launched A Celebrity-Endorsed Company In 2 Months

Think you’re not cut out for entrepreneurship? Think again.

This Millennial stay-at-home-mom-of-three with no business experience launched a 6-figure company out of her home in her spare time.

Meet Kiera Fogg, the founder of Little Box Of Rocks, an innovative ‘bouquet’ company that sends crystal bouquets to recipients instead of flowers. Because there’s no better way to say ‘I love you’ than with a heartfelt box of rocks.

There’s a ‘bouquet’ for just about every occasion—you can send loving Rose Quartz on Mother’s Day, fortuitous Citrine as a ‘thank you’ gift, and soothing Amethyst to help someone get well soon.

With a tagline like “the bouquet that lasts forever,” the Little Box Of Rocks has bashed expectations and turned heads. It’s been endorsed by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, and Oprah, and been featured in People, Vogue and The Today Show.

So what made Fogg’s company such a hit?

Fogg says her secret was her willingness to act on a crazy-seeming business idea that came to her when she was bathing her 6-month-old in the tub. “The idea literally came to me in one of those moments of inspiration that you hear about,” Fogg says. “The name ‘Little Box Of Rocks’ popped into my head and I got chills. I knew exactly what it was, sending crystals the way we typically send flowers. I thought, if nobody’s doing this, I have to give it a try.”

How many times have we all dismissed these bursts of inspiration because they seem too “out there” or we doubt they will resonate with anyone?

Here’s the kicker—Fogg wasted no time in executing on her idea. In just one year, Fogg was able to launch her online business as a stay-at-home-mom with no prior business experience.

This week on the Unconventional Life Podcast, Fogg shares the practices that were integral to her success.

Refurbish The Old

If you’re stuck trying to decide on a business concept, Fogg recommends to look no further than a timeless trend that could use an update. The benefit to this strategy is that you can piggyback off of the positive attitudes people already have towards the concept, like gifting flowers, and generate interest about your offering by introducing a unique twist, like gifting crystals.

In deciding how to refurbish, lean towards something that is popular and relevant today. Fogg was successful because crystals are currently making a comeback in mainstream culture today. If you can bridge a beloved tradition and a rising trend, you may be able to replicate her success.


Fogg’s story is so inspiring because she represents humble roots—she didn’t have an entourage of branding specialists, professional photographers, or website designers. She was simply a stay-at-home-mom who wanted to earn more income online.

Fogg says she taught herself everything she needed to know to launch a business. “I took all my product pictures on my kitchen counter. People don’t realize when they’re looking at a glossy website that that’s actually possible. It’s not this insurmountable thing. You can Google it, take it to your kitchen counter, and figure out how to light it and edit it properly,” Fogg says.

The mom-of-three warns to watch out for Fairy Godmother Syndrome, wherein you’re relying on others to take action for you. In an age where most startups are looking to full-service branding and marketing agencies to assist them, Fogg is a mythbuster who reminds us that you can actually accomplish everything on your own. Educate yourself and make use of all of the resources at your disposal and you will be successful.