Ep. 171 – 4 Ways to Become Comfortable with Taking Imperfect Action, with Hilary Jastram

Ep. 171 – 4 Ways to Become Comfortable with Taking Imperfect Action, with Hilary Jastram

There have definitely been moments that I have scrolled through a social media platform and had an overwhelming emotion of not feeling good enough. Recently, I have noticed a difference in the content that is being published. This new content is leaving me feeling inspired rather than questioning my worth.

There are a few key influencers that are highlighting their imperfections rather than posting a version of themselves that is polished and perfect. Their popularity is skyrocketing and they are getting more views the ever, but why? The raw, reactive and unplanned content is desirable because it is more relatable. 

It’s 2019, people are craving more. We want to see your story of how failures actually led to your success, the number of attempts and ferocity it took to arrive where you are at today. We are so over a photo showing a photoshopped body and the view from your villa. We want to be taught something new, to see your humanness and vulnerability. 

I know it may not be easy to share this vulnerable part of yourself with the world, but I can guarantee that the authentic version of you has value and should be shared with the world. 

This week on the Unconventional Life Podcast is Hilary L. Jastram. Hilary shares her journey and insight around imperfect action. She gives us 4 techniques that can be used to expand our comfort zone and ditch the certainty and perfectionism that hold us back. 

Hilary  is the founder of Sick Biz, “An organization dedicated to providing support, resources, hacks, and hope to entrepreneurs affected by chronic illness, pain, disability, and sickness.” She is also the founder of J. Hill Marketing & Creative Services, an agency specializing in premier copywriting and book editing for Fortune 500 brands and the “one-percent,” superstar entrepreneurs. She is an author, editor at The Good Men Project, and contributor to Influencive, The Huffington Post and The Mighty, among other large-scale publications.

1.The law of motion

According to Newton’s Law of Motion, an object in motion will stay in motion. This directly applies to taking action. Inspiration is not a prerequisite to start, but rather something that will naturally occur once you start spinning your wheels. Inspiration flourishes through action, so stop overthinking and just start sharing your ideas with the world!  

You are your worst critic and Hilary says that “the only person creating labels and boxes around you is yourself.” Someone who never buys a paint set because they “aren’t a painter” will never become one. Every “master” has once been a beginner. It always takes the first bold step to set yourself in motion towards your destiny. “We all have the same gifts, it’s just a matter of who is practicing them.”

So lets get painting!

2. We are never done learning and the best way to solidify what we have learned is to teach someone else.

The world is constantly turning, and the pace of change and development is accelerating exponentially. “ Learning is a huge goal that we can never let go of because the minute we say we are done learning we become very presumptuous” 

The most noticeable area of advancement in our society is undoubtedly in the realm of technology. We now carry a connection to the world and an infinite supply of information in the palm of our hands at all times of the day, so why not use it to our advantage?

From what you’ve learned, share your experience, opinion, and voice, without a filter. You don’t need to be a professional to get your message across, nor have a professional set-up. Your phone is your link to the world and making a drastic impact. Feel empowered to use it as a tool to spread your message!

For example, someone could be inspired by your advocacy for the planet and join your #noplastic challenge only because they saw you talking about it in your feed. Even if you are not a big influencer with 100k followers, there is still a massive impact and butterfly effect created from you doing you! 

“ we are multifaceted diamonds, all of us, and we get to be “experts” in different things in our lives”

3. There’s no such thing as a block, only self judgment.

When Hilary encounters some type of blockage or can’t express idea she interprets this as “sign from the universe to go inward, be calm and listen” This is a great reminder that you don’t have to be hustling at every moment in order to be successful. Listening and reflection are a part of the progression that leads to success. “You may think you are stuck, but you are right where you are meant to be. When you get up and running again you are more prepared for the next step.”

We all get creatively stuck at times, navigating our way through this maze is a part of the process. Another key to finding your way out of this maze is your mindset. It is unlikely that good ideas are going to come flooding to you when you’re telling yourself that you are not good enough. How you treat yourself when you are feeling frustrated will determine the overall outcome. If you allow yourself to be freely, authentically you, the emotions will pass and naturally new waves of inspiration will come. Give it time, sometimes it takes patience.

4. Build an environment where you are allowed to mess up.

Hillary reminds us that humans are addicted to certainty and perfection. This limits us from evolving into the unknown since we are pre-programmed to want to know the outcome and to avoid mistakes. This reduces our ability to take risks, creative leaps or to try on something out of character. “Throughout your process, remember, you are allowed to mess up.” Forgiveness for your “mistakes” should become an automatic response. You know when you have done your absolute best, so get in touch with that honest part of your being that forgives” yourself for being messy and imperfectly perfect.