Hilarious Hacks To Counteract Productivity Pitfalls and Create Radical Resiliency

Hilarious Hacks To Counteract Productivity Pitfalls and Create Radical Resiliency

Heath Armstrong is the co-founder of Rage Create and the brilliant creator of The Sweet Ass Domination Deck. He is the author of the Sweet Ass Journal to Develop Your Happiness Muscle in 100 Days, a serial entrepreneur, and gremlin smasher.  To listen to more of Heath’s hilarious wisdom, check out his podcast, Never Stop Peaking.

In Heath’s podcast, you will learn…

    • How he transformed his life through affirmations, fierce focus, and humor
    • How to impact thousand of people around the world
    • His secret sauce for happiness and inspiration
    • And much more…

“Every day is a bonus round”

Without a doubt, Heath is one of the most driven, hilariously wise humans I know.  If you’re ever feeling stuck in a rut or needing an extra boost for a productive day, he’s got you covered with his witty wisdom.  He has personally brightened many of my days and restored my confidence when I’ve been ready to throw in the towel.  This guy isn’t all jokes though.  While creating massive success in e-commerce and construction, Heath burnt himself out a few times before shifting gears to focus on motivational products and an inspiring podcast.  His journey wasn’t always sparkles and rainbows, but through intense commitment and focus, he lives to tell many inspiring tales today. 

Just after our Unconventional Life Bali Business Accelerator, Jules caught up with Heath to learn his best practices for smashing your fears, focusing your mind, and motivating yourself through the trials and tribulations of the entrepreneurial world. 

Witty Wisdom from Heath’s podcast episode

Mindset is Everything

After many grueling years of working without purpose and mindlessly going through the motions, Heath realized that the life he was living was killing him.  He remembers thinking to himself, “If I don’t make changes, I might die” as he recalls morning after morning waking up on the floor after blurry long nights out.  After leaving one unfulfilling career to pursue greater feats, he climbed the success ladder to drastically increase his income and buy the house and cars.  By conventional standards, he’d finally made it.  Behind the scenes, he’d watch his weeks pass him by wishing for the days of relief until his whole world came crashing down on him in April 2017.

There was no choice, but to drastically shift what he’d been doing. 

Amongst the mess of losing everything, Heath spent countless hours writing about his experience.  If there’s anything you need to know about Heath, it’s that he is fiercely dedicated to his mindset practices and growth.  He writes daily and is in constant creation mode.  Ultimately, these writings would make up the 60 cards of his hilarious motivation card deck, The Sweet Ass Domination Deck.  These cards and all of his brilliant productivity products are living proof that by shifting your mindset you truly can achieve and accomplish anything. 

What big idea has been begging you to pay attention? Is there something you wish to create, but you just can’t get yourself to sit down long enough to produce it? Are you stuck in a job you don’t love wondering what could be next day after day? Heath swears by affirmations and writing out your goals.  Write them out every single day.  Commit to taking two steps that will get you closer to those goals each day.  Live and breathe what you wish to accomplish.  It might be closer than you think.

Open Your Mouth, Share Your Wisdom

By starting his podcast, Never Stop Peaking, Heath’s intention was to continuously be learning about the powerful ways he could be showing up in the world to live his dream life.  Each interview became an opportunity for exponential growth, and so with every episode, he expanded his tool belt to be the best version of himself.  He kept asking the questions that mattered to him and learned from some of the best in the industry because of his focus and dedication to growth. 

But, he didn’t stop there.

While learning the information for himself was one intention for his podcast, he continues to share the wealth of knowledge he acquires along his wild journey.  He believes in continuously letting others know what you are up to and why.  He hilariously recommends that you “quit squeezing your butt cheeks and quit holding all your magic in.” In other words, share what matters to you and share often.  You never know who might be listening and how it may inspire others to be living their best life too.  If you don’t share, there is a 0% chance of anything shifting. What would you like to choose?

Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously

Even with immense success and experience out the wazoo, Heath shows us the importance of balancing productivity and work with humor and lightheartedness.  Choosing to laugh at yourself, especially when you’re starting to get your panties in a twist, is good for your soul, your health and for everyone else you might be driving up the wall.  Perhaps Heath is wearing off on me, but in all seriousness, take a little medicine from this man and find the joy and humor in life. 

So often we see the pretty version of peoples lives and don’t see the stuff that goes on behind the scenes.  If we were all taking ourselves seriously, comparing and competing, the world would be seeing darker days.  Illuminate the darkness and share the sunny side of life.  It’ll work wonders on your happiness, which will likely increase your success, just by showing up with the intention to learn something new every day.





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